Monday, July 18, 2011

Wait Arsi...I'm coming!!

Hello Hello!

STRIKE THREE and your out. So much for that strike, pretty much nothing happened. We just couldn't hit the town like we wanted.

Hey it was a great week! It started out when we visited Miguel! We are so excited to teach him. We went to his house and taught him a lesson. He then gave us the Book Of Mormon that we had given him and told us that he was going to move on Thursday. He never moved, and we found out he was not planning on moving....

But other than that really we have had some great success. This man, Bocio, which his name translated to English means, “he yelled”, is still living up to his name. He went to church with his wife and accepted to be baptised on the 6th of August with his family. His daughter-in-law has cancer and is about to head to the other side. It has made his family think a little more about life after death.

Yesterday everybody and their mom went to church. I met some kids on the street and danced a little with them and they went to church and brought their friends and liked it so much they planned on coming back. I like teaching them, cuz its easy to relate.

What else.. oh yesterday I was visiting a investigator that has 6 years waiting for papers to get married and baptised. Her husband has gone to church and stuff, but isn't in this really. He busted out his saxophone and played some awesome stuff. He is a professional sax player for 52 years. Right then a kid showed up with his guitar and we told him to go in and play with us. My comp played the guitar and Parmenio on the sax. It was actually super pretty musical mania. Parmenio is now our best friend!

What else...

Oh we are teaching this lady, Nuris. She has a CRAZY story. I would write it, but I don't want to take 4 years here. I'll have to tell it later, anyways uhhh, yeah she wants to be baptised.

(For Kristina's Restaurant!!) If they close buy salsa and save it in the fridge, ok.
Okey time to go, but have you all a merry little Monday! Bye

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