Monday, July 11, 2011

Coin Flipping Game!

Hello familia!

Today the whole country is in strike, but I haven't seen anything at all. It just means we can't leave to take buses anywhere.

We made steak the other day. It was good.

We are teaching this one old man, Miguel. He is super cool. He is bald, and has a huge gut and is a retired police officer, and one of the most humble and nicest guys ever. He went to church on Sunday with his AWESOME green plaid shirt with a striped brown tie. He stayed the 3 hours. We asked him to read this one chapter in the Book of Mormon, and he read it probably 21 times. He memorized the whole thing. He is very humble about how smart he is. He even has a car! There are only 2 members in the ward here that have cars. His wife is a Catholic, and she sometimes talks to us, but doesn't want to go to church or anything.

Things are kind of going south with the families that we have. The dads are trying to fight with us in the appointments, they won't go to church.

We played a game yesterday. We were bored so we got a coin, and would flip it at every intersection to see if we would turn right or left. When we saw people on the street, we would flip the coin again. Heads we talk to them, tails we move on. We met a Jewish person while playing the game and actually found a new family! We would even flip the coin when we saw drunks. Luckily every time it (the coin) fell tails.

Well that's all for now. Have a great week!

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