Monday, July 25, 2011

Hi Family!

Hey what a day! I'm kinda rushed, but I'll squeeze in some details if possible. Today we hit up the DUARTE! Woo that was pretty fun. It's this huge street market where they have more fake shoes and stuff than you can shake a stick at. Every one shoves stuff in your face and grabs you and throws stuff in your hands and tries to get you to buy it. It was an adventure for my comp, it was his first time.

Oh boy we have been hanging in there. Lots of people we are teaching the two Haitians. Prince and Marcelus are still going to church, and now I am teaching them Spanish.

We have a few people who are planning to get baptised on the 6th of August. Bocio is still hanging in there, along with Prince.

Michael and his wife still are being really wishy washy about getting married or not. I'm starting to lose patience, but they always are reading and want us to teach them. The guy just cant give up his USA dreams, even though he is going to leave his whole family behind.

We started an English class this week. We also offer French and Spanish. A new recent convert from the Hermana's area always leaves with us every Saturday. He is going to teach French and he is Haitian. He has 4 years in the country and is graduating next year as a psychologist. It's a blast to go visit people with him. He always does a psychological analysis on people when we teach them. He is actually ridiculously smart, and has the biggest vocabulary in the world. He has us convinced that half the people that we teach have mental problems...

The new mission president is super cool, really REALLY relaxed. Completely opposite than the old president. It's really fun to have him, everyone loves him. He is really funny and his wife looks just like you mom! Did I already tell you that? It's such a difference here in the mission, and he is a great man. He will do a great job. He is also a convert, was baptised with his wife when their first 2 kids were little. So it's fun to see how they always talk about how much this gospel has changed their lives. Few people notice it, but it totally is true. Just a few years living the gospel can and will change a person for the better! I've seen it!

Oh boy hanging in there. I can't lie, I am totally counting down the days. I feel bad for my poor little companion. I love this place, but my time is Definitely coming to an end, and the poor kid has to stay here for another year. Time goes fast!

The poor sister missionaries have had every sickness on the PLANET. They are two little missionaries from Guatemala. They look like two little girls walking around in a foreign country. Well they are. One is brand new and the week she got here her companion got THE DANGUE. It's spread by mosquitoes, and is an intestine infection at the same time or something. She spent the first week of the mission in the hospital with her companion. When her companion got better, the new one got THE DANGUE also. She just got better and the other missionary, that already had Dangue, got sick again with stomach problems!!! WOOO!! Poor sisters, they are finally recovering, but wow not fun. That is all for now, but I hope you all don't get sick or get the DANGUE!!


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