Monday, August 8, 2011

Last email from the Dominican Republic

Dear family friends colleagues and to whom it may concern..

This is Elder Shattuck calling in the last weekly report, I am ALMOST DONE!! Wow, almost. Almost done sweating, walking, taking insults from random people, getting criticized by random preachers of other religions, sweating, stressing over people that couldn't give a care about what we do, sweating, teaching people that don't know their left from their right, getting stuff thrown at us, getting blisters, sweating and wearing a tie, long pants and long socks in some of the hottest weather ever. Worth it, of course.

This week we had a family go to church! It was pretty cool. They loved it. I will take pictures this week and share them all later with you.

Today I got permission from my mission president to go visit one of my old areas. It was my favorite area. San Pedro! I am writing this email early, because we are going to head out pretty soon. It is about a 2 hour trio from where I am by public transportation. That's where I left the most friends, and had the best memories. I am super excited.

Um there is not much more for me to say right now. I'm sorry I don't write much, but for many reasons there are lots of things I cannot write about, and will just have to tell you in person. Don't worry there are MANY stories. This is probably the most social country on the planet, and it has rubbed off on me. There is never a minute where a Dominican is not talking, and I have the disease. I tried to stop, but I just didn't feel right, so get ready to have your ears talked off!!

OK time for me to go! Love you all

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