Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day!!

(These are some photos that Elder Shattuck sent after our phone conversation on Mother's Day. It was so awesome to hear his voice! He sounded happy and energetic. It's hard to believe that in a little more than 3 months he'll be coming home!)

The first picture is of a family home evening we did here in the ward.

The other is when we went to an art exhibit of one of our investigators. He is an amazing painter, and his art was displayed for a month in the Conde, which is a famous street here.

There are two pictures of Eduardo and I. The pictures don't do a whole lot of justice... he really does look a lot like Robbie, but I'll have to try taking other pictures to show you.

Oh by the way he went to church!! We were way excited, and the members were way nice to him. He's been having work problems, but he demanded a day off, and it worked. We walked to his house and walked with him to church. We even brought him breakfast, two salami sandwiches and a juice. He laughed and ate it. Oh that's a usual breakfast here btw. It was a great meeting and there were great talks. I hope he will come next week! Now we need to work on his wife...

And the last picture is of my companion and I.


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