Monday, May 16, 2011

Hello family!!

Great to hear from you all. Sorry I don´t have much time, because I was writing each one of you letters and things.

Well this was another week. We´ve been teaching these two kids of a less active woman in the ward that started to go to church again. Her son, Steven, used to hide under the bed so he wouldn´t have to go to church, and now he is planning on getting baptised with his sister. I´m always a little bit nervous about baptising boys his age. He is 13. The last time we did that, the kid ran away from home a week later and is now addicted to hard core drugs. That was 6 months ago, and he still hasn't shown up. We are thinking twice about this. His sister, Natalia, is doing just fine and has a little friend. She will definitely get baptised this week. They are both really shy.

Eduardo got a job in Bavaro, for 6 months. He will be living out there for the time being, leaving his wife here in Santo Domingo.

The other day I was able to do an interview for a 10 year old kid. His parents were baptised 10 years ago, but stopped attending. I have never seen a little boy understand so much. He not only just knew who the prophet is, but he actually taught me about repentance and being bold in doing what's right. He is trying to help his dad to stop drinking... and I guess it´s working. He has almost a month without drinking too. His name is Josmer. He reminded me of Mormon, when he was ten, way too wise for his age.

But we are moving along. It´s way hot here. Wow.

Have a great week!

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