Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello. I am sitting here with my new MOP. We bought a new mop today. We were cleaning the house today and found Christmas lights and put them up! I thought I'd try out an old broken air conditioner thingy that we have in hour house and IT WORKS!! We now have 2- TWO... TWO air conditioning units in the house! One in the study room and one in the bedroom. Life is Good. We went to the park (today). Every first p-day of the transfer we get together at the park, and (today) I couldn't stop talking about the new air conditioner.

My new companion is a champ. He is from Vernal Utah, near Wyoming and Colorado, so he doesn't say “pop” and “fark”, thank goodness. We get along great, and he loves the work and the people love him. We are going to do some good stuff here in this area.

We are teaching this man whose name is Ramon, but they call him “Monkey”. He is super funny. He is like 40 or 45 years old, but he dresses like he is 20 with baseball caps. You know the flat billed ones. That's the Dominican style here... with his chains and cool tennis shoes. The other day I totally caught him with a t-shirt on that said, “I love HIP HOP”. I laughed my head off. We think he has a thing for one of the sisters in the ward. She calls him “My Love” and “Sweetie” so we tease them both. She is a great sister. Her name is Marta, and her son is best friends with us. She was divorced a year or so ago. Anyway, Ramon is funny. He has gone to church several times and he fits right in. I can see him helping out the ward. He used to work on Sundays, but apparently it's time for him to come to the gospel, because he stopped working at his old job! That was a real miracle.

We also have a bunch of other people and some Haitians that we are teaching again. We even met this guy the other day who lives with his marionette (puppet thing) that he dances in the streets for a living. I thought he was Jamaican, because of his accent and his dreadlocks.

The other day we saw this “loco” chasing this 11 year old kid down the street. The kid was running as fast as he could. He looked scared. The man who was chasing him had a HUGE stick in his hand and was going to beat him. They totally ran by in the middle of an appointment. We didn't know what to say after that.
The next day, the crazy guy that was chasing the kid with the stick, came up to us and asked for a booklet and where the church is. We told him only because he didn't have a stick in his hand at the time. On Sunday he went to church, and even brought all his “Watch Tower” magazines....

What else is new. Oh, the other day I finished the Book of Mormon again in Spanish. It was good. It gets more interesting each time, but it is still so complex, however, the message is clear. I'm totally convinced there is something special about that book. Everything goes better when I read it. It's amazing how many people make quick judgments about us and the book, but I've found that there are few that can read that book and deny that its inspired. So that's what we are trying to do. I am trying to help all of the people I teach learn to have their own adventures in it. I love reading the stories and making them real. By going back in time and putting my investigators in the shoes of Alma and Abinadi and stuff. So that's pretty much the only thing I've been teaching them. Little by little they will learn to appreciate it... like how it took me so many years to realize that.

Things are going great here.  Today was a very nice day, it has been cloudy and cooler, it rained a little but the sun didn't burn after the rain like usual, it stayed cool.
I am now with a companion that is really easy to get along with. It is strange, because I have struggled with companions so long that now it's easy. I feel different.  I really feel blessed to be able to be in such a good area and with a good companion and now I feel like I got to give my last best effort to the Lord because he has given me so much.

Hey I hope you and mom are looking for some people or a family that you are preparing now that the missionaries have to work with members.  I would LOVE to teach a family or somebody there in our ward... you've got a few months.

Ok, well its time to go work. I love you all!

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