Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey yo!

Oh boy, what fun you are all having, That's so cool you are taking a sewing class mom. Well ya finished it. I would love for you to teach me some stuff so I can keep rockin on your old machine!! Nice job with helping that lady out. Some people are going some really hard stuff and need help sometimes.

Robbie and Annie are crazy, what it takes for the career and junk. woo!

Well this week has been.. wet, wow 4 days of rain pretty much, and lots of it. We cleaned the house today. I think the bathroom hadn´t been cleaned in.. 30 years? It was nasty. I poured a whole bottle of muriatic acid down it to clean it.

My friend Ramon has kinda been hiding from us this last week. He told us he doesn´t smoke, but we know that he does because his neighbor told us. He got embarrassed that we found out and told us through the neighbor that he doesn´t want to got baptised anymore. He was planning on the 18th of June. We keep trying to catch him at his house, but his sister who is here from Puerto Rico covers for him, and tells us he is never there... or where he really is. But don´t worry we´ll find him. He is still totally in love with his neighbor, so she is trying to help him quit smoking and stuff. Pray for him he needs help!

We found some other cool families. Nelson is the dad's name. I still haven´t learned the rest of their names, but we showed them a 1980´s movie about the family. It was way cheesy, but nice at the same time. They like the message. The next move is trying to figure out how we are going to get them to go to church, they live so far away. But we´ll hang in there. They are married.

As we speak one of my investigators who disappeared, walked in here. Her 2 year old son grabbed my arm. He is the cutest little boy. Haitian babies are adorable.

Oh what else can I tell you. Not too much is new, but I hope you all have a great week.

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