Monday, April 11, 2011

Well I am heading OFF!!

I´m going to an area that is right under Parque del Este, if you look on a map of Santo Domingo. It´s right near the beach. Apparently my new companion is kind of hard to get along with.. they say but we´ll see. His name is Elder Vargas. I´m excited and READY to head out, as I've walked these streets many times here. I´m happy I´m going to be with a native companion. They are more exciting for sure.

It´s good to hear about all of the fun things going on at home. Ryan getting old, Robbie and Annie travelin' the world, and Kim and Dane in the snow in Yucaipa! And mom and dad skydiving in Alaska.

I´ve been saying goodbye to the members and stuff, and made some cool shirts for the district... haha yeah I couldn't hold off any longer... I made some shirts again.

We´ve been kinda back and forth with the daughter of Veronica, her name is Ledy. She always fights with her children and her sister in law.. and curses in the house, that's been a little hard because her daughter was baptised and follows her example. But we are chuggin' along, and got her to stop drinking, and gave her a blessing so that everything goes well on a surgery she is going to do soon. Even though I´m leaving hopefully she can stay strong.

Also we´ve been teaching this humble little couple, Richard and Amparo. They are both two short quiet little people that have a little meat shop in front of their house. We met them on the street and have been talking a lot about prayer. Richard is so timid he doesn´t like to pray at all, but after a few visits he finally is praying and has noticed a huge difference. He says he has really bad road rage, but now that he prays before he leaves for the street, he has been able to stop. Along with other things, they are really feeling that the message is true. I am realizing that I can´t convince ANYONE of what I teach... that it is our little friend, the spirit, that teaches them in the night when they are praying, or reading. Before they were tough and didn't believe anything, but now that they are praying, everything has changed.

OK well I´m off. I got to finish packing stuff, and tomorrow I´m off to my area. Adios!


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