Monday, April 4, 2011


Hello you all.

Oh what a wonderful weekend! 3 days of blazing hot sun, and I didn´t have to be in it! Of course we did take an advantage of the General Conference this weekend. I highly enjoyed those messages. Especially President Uchtdorf's talk and Elder Scott's. Funny because just a few days ago I was talking about the fear I have towards marriage, more like a phobia, that I have acquired here on the mission. Being stuck with a person 24/7, for months on end, and without ONE SECOND to breathe can cause that phobia. Such were my thoughts realizing that as I am finishing that will have to be my new goal and focus. Elder Scott and others spoke wonderfully about how good it can be and changed my mind. Overall very inspiring. I don´t know if i am getting more mature or the talks are more interesting, but I thought they were all great.

This week has been definitely better. I´ve been doing everything it takes to not fight with my companion, because honestly there is nothing worse... I promise. I´ve managed to be able to motivate him a little to do exercise. haha. yeah...

Veronica and Ledy are still hanging in there. Ledy was going to get baptized this Saturday, but she still has some health problems. Those poor women didn´t have money to be able to attend the conference. They have so little and are always baking little breads and really good stuff called “arepa”. We eat it for breakfast. I totally feel like David O. McKay when he was on his mission in Scotland? I don´t remember the details, but seeing lots of hungry poor and ungroomed people, it´s hard to teach them when they don´t have food in their belly, and it´s even harder when we can´t help them. And even worse when they spend the little money they have for food for us. We have rules that we can´t eat it and they get offended. Over all it´s very uncomfortable. I´ve definitely learned some great things. I´ll never let anyone I know go hungry. Dominicans always cook extra food even if they have little money just in case someone passes by and needs food.

Well, I only have one more week here in the area. My president said he won´t make me stay here any longer, so I´ll tell you next week where I´m going.

Adios and love you all.

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