Monday, April 25, 2011

Semana Santa

This week was crazy. Here they don´t celebrate Easter, they celebrate Semana Santa. A Catholic tradition, all week long. It means an all week long block party with inflatable pools in the streets and everywhere you can imagine, like in the houses. ALL the Dominican women make Habichuela con Dulce, which is pretty much liquified beans with coconut milk, raisins and a potato like root, and sugar. It is pretty dang good. It is kind of a pain because technically we aren´t supposed to eat anything other than our own cooking,.. its a rule we´ve had for over a year, but I got sick of fighting with the members here. To not eat someone's cooking is like stabbing them in the back here. One sister chased me out of here house with a broom, because I wouldn't take her food. So imagine everyone in the world giving us food, even strangers on the street, I´m not joking. “HEY MORMONS COME GET SOME HABICHELA CON DULCE!!” It´s just a great big block party all the time here.

We haven´t had too many people to teach this week, because so many were drunk, or at the beach all week long.

We did find this man called Eduardo. He looks 100 PERCENT like Robbie. No Joke. Same size and build, but just with darker skin. He even acts like Robbie too. It´s pretty weird for me to teach him. But he is super interested and has really started to understand and believe in the things we have taught about the restoration. He is a chef and hasn´t come to church yet, because of work problems, but we have faith that he´ll pull though. His wife believes more in the Jehovah Witnesses than what we teach, but as long as he says yes to getting married (to each other), we aren´t too worried. I have seen few people in my life humble themselves and really try to ask God if the message is true. He did and got an answer. I really don´t doubt that anyone who really wants to know if the message is true just has to recognize that they don´t know everything, and that God does. Then ask him that He will show them the truth. I´ve tried it several times with several things here in the mission. It works. But anyway I´m going to take a picture to send so you can see.

Hey Robbie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Write me and tell me what you want me to send you... I mean bring you. Ryan too, actually the whole family, so I can take you some cool stuff.

I told the people to send me home to the San Jose airport. I leave August 16th and will get back I guess late in the afternoon or early in the night. I just turned that information this week, and thank you for the little package! My companion was shocked... where was all the candy? Americans ALWAYS send loads of candy. Haha, but the mints were just perfect. Thank you!

Have a great week, I love you all

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