Monday, March 14, 2011


I did it! I´m still going and I´m quite proud of myself. I never thought I could put up with so much in a person, but I think I passed my “Daddy test”. I know that children are hard, but rarely they are twice your size, literally, and want to take you out. But I´m still hanging on besides everything that's going on.

Yesterday we had an interesting appointment with this big fat guy. We started to teach him, and he sent his friend to buy him a bottle of Rum. We told him not to drink it, and showed him tons of scriptures in the Bible and stuff, but with just one tiny little plastic cup he got so wasted it was pretty unreal. He like tried to rip my stomach out or something like that, but you know me, I didn´t let him. Apparently the missionaries had taught him 15 years ago, but we had to take off, he was staggering. Strrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiike two.

Beside drunks and crazy comps, we are still chuggin' along with Fabio. He is going to baptised in a week. He was a guy that we met that told us to wait in the shade, because the sun was way too hot, and a month later we are going to baptise him. He is really ready and in just 10 pages in the Book of Mormon is reading amazingly well. Especially for that fact that he taught himself. I´ll send some pictures next week.

Yeah that's all for this week. Tell brother Walters I say hello and thanks for the letter!

love you

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