Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

AWWW yeah Disco. Great Stuff.

The minutes are few this week, writing Rob and Ryan who wrote me after a while. It´s great to hear from them, and man I was saying, I´m totally jealous of all the fun family get togethers they do. Lucky Ducks.

We are chuggin' along here. The ball and chain is getting a little more difficult to lug around...aka compañero. But we´re hanging in here. Nothin' to serious so I think I´ll manage.

Some of our good families we were teaching don´t want to talk to us, and tried to return the Book of Mormon we gave them. Others got caught buying Drugs, and others Drinking, so it looks like we have some heavy work this week. They all managed to get sick this week so we didn´t see any in church. But we had some great success bringing some old members back to church, so that makes me happy.

Also this week, a missionary in my Zone got to go to the sealing of one of the families he taught. Delvin and Alexa and their 4 kids. I´ll take a picture of them and send it next week just so you can see how adorable that family is. They are super people, and spoke in church yesterday. Not a soul in the room couldn´t feel happy for them and feel the joy that was leaking out. I can´t imagine someone saying that living this gospel doesn´t bring happiness. I´ve seen lots of people, in all kinds of crazy situations and all kinds of people that are richer than you can imagine here, and poorer than poor. But I've never seen a happier couple that this one. Now I see what the goal is.

Ok have a great Valentines Day!

(To dad:)

Wow meetings meetings meetings.

I do remember Brent Fisher, he did a few dances at the Helvy´s place. That would be nice to get someone from the church. Ay stake Dances.

The internet is taking over the WORLD!! Wow, But that's great that you have a great job at Yahoo. The jobs here in include driving people around on motorcycles, called “concho”, opening a fried pigskin and intestine stand, working at a corner store 24/7 or cement construction, and yeah that seems about it.

Hope you do something nice for mom today! Now that I´ve seen what it´s like in the REAL world I realize how good of a Mom .. and DAD I have. Oh gee I was such a dork! Good thing God smacked me on the head really hard by throwing me in the middle of this country. I needed it for sure. (Bold print is thrown in for emphasis by his mom ☺)

Love you

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