Monday, February 7, 2011


Oh bien, here are a few pictures of this week. Went exploring with my companino today. Today we were in the capitol and we walking in front of the government building, when two guards with MASSIVE guns started yelling at us. I pretended like they were yelling at someone else, but obviously that didn´t work. They told us to get to the other side of the street. We obeyed...
A moment later the president of the Dominican Republic pulled in with several suvs flanked on each side, with guys with huge guns inside too. I´ve never seen so many security people with guns, even at the atm machines there are security guards with shotguns.

Also this week we had the baptism of Santo! yay! It was a great baptism and he is definitely going to stay in the church and be a Strong member. during the baptism a bird flew into the room and the bishop said, “oh it´s the spirit in the form of a dove” It was pretty funny.

The picture with all the flags in the background is the capitol building.

Also the weird tree is when we went to the botanical gardens, the red bridge too.

When my companino hit one year he wanted to celebrate, so we took some fun pictures, the bed sheet one is one of MANY... haha

Other than that we have been working lots. The sun is stinging hot, wow and we sweat. Yup the life!

Hey mommy don´t worry about sending a lot of candy, it makes me sick and I can´t eat too much sugar. Plus I´m trying to help my companion lose weight. Yeah it may be a joke but he wants to do it. His family sent him some pills to take with food that are supposed to help, but I think it is a hoax. I just told him to stop eating so much sugar and fat, and whala. We walk 500 miles a day in a blistering sun and sweat to death. He is bound to lose weight if he doesn´t eat so much.

Did I tell you Elder Nelson is coming in two weeks? Me and 5 other missionaries prepared a cool hymn today to sing when he comes. I did it with my old district out in Higuey. I´m excited.

Ok well that's all for this week! Adios everybody.

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