Monday, January 31, 2011


Ay que vaina, aqui toy todavia en sabana perdida. El compay mio ta totao, eta mañana se rayó con un gilette en la mejilla. Nojotro tamo fajando con pila de familia pero toabia niguna ha flojao su horario el domingo.
I thought I´d write you something fun so you can have fun deciphering it.

Ah this week has been hot. The sun decided to get really hot. My companion is a total goon and walks around with a tiny battery powered fan to cool off. He had an extra one so I decided to join in the fun. He has been doing better. He is a really good teacher, very bold and not afraid to ask or tell anyone to do anything. He almost “died” the other day to have to get up at 7:00 in the morning for church.. haha. Little by little I'm going to try to get him used to the regular mission schedule. His parents totally came and saw us last week. They took some stuff and gave him some fruit. His dad gave him a blessing and then they took off. I was a little surprised.. but he is a great guy, and works hard. We have a good time working here.

We went to the Botanical gardens today with the Zone: It was a good time. I´ll send some pictures. We road on a little train and saw plants and trees and lakes, and then the train got a flat right where I was sitting. I guess I am getting too fat.

We have been preparing Santo for his baptism this week too! Wow, he is really doing great. A very smart guy. He is going strong, passed his interview and is ready to go. Last night we pounded him with the big 4 commandments. I don´t want there to be any doubt in his mind when it comes to those. Santo fits right in and that the members were all surprised when they announced his baptism, because so many thought he was already a member. He will be a leader here someday, and the goal is to get him married to Jhoanna who got baptised a few weeks ago. They are novios, even though Santo is 41 and Jhoanna is 21. Those things aren't to weird here.

Mom you are taking a sewing class! That's really cool. And what kind of ballroom are you learning? Sounds like fun.

Well that's all for this week! I love you all

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