Monday, February 28, 2011

Ahh Familia, Whats up!?

I had some pictures to send home, but this computer doesn´t read the files.

Oh whats new, not much. Oh yeah transfers! I´m staying here again with my companion. Ay patience. Oh I´ve been having some fun interesting days here... oh yeah mom you don´t want to know ALL of the details... trust me, but I´ll give you some.

We had a super day yesterday in church. We had 3 grown men go to church on their own for the first time! That doesn´t happen a lot. But they all loved it. One even came to us afterward and asked if he could get baptised sooner, so we plan to help him get baptised on the 12th. His name is Carlos. His wife is still tough and doesn´t want to talk to us, but THANK GOODNESS he is MARRIED!! Wow! Also this short funny man, “who looks Italian”, named Francisco, went too. And Fabio, who will also be baptised on the 12th. I felt so happy. There was such a cool spirit there and everyone left smiling. Also Veronica, an older woman who can´t stop talking, went again this week. Every week in Sunday school she stands up and tells some funny story that never has anything to do with anything ...for like 15 minutes. She did it again this Sunday. We were all cracking up, because at least the stories are funny. I really really hope each one of these people can stay in the church. They all looked so happy and loved participating in the classes. Total success!

This week has been tough as heck though. Easily one of the hardest. My companion drives me nuts sometimes. Especially when we show up an hour late to everything. He sleeps in until 10:30 and just watches movies on his iPod all day, but at least we are working. I tried to help him the other day to not be so lazy, but he got mad, and wouldn´t leave. We had to stay in the house all day, and he told me he was going to go home, because he is sick of the mission.. and me bugging him. I didn´t know what to do. After a few hours he finally started talking to me and I told him that we should pray. We did, and right after the prayer, he jumped right up put on his shoes and we left for the street like nothing had happened. He still sleeps in and won´t get rid of his iPod, but we are still hanging in here

Oh I did get the box you sent me! Thank you so much! It was great! And the shirts fit just fine, and are nice and white! I have some that are so yellow... I didn´t realize it until I saw a white one again. Oh and the food too, awesome, I love how you always send a box of wheat thins, those things are so good.

Oh here is some news, we are getting a new mission president in July! That's in a long time, but we found out last week that his name is President Hernandez from Puerto Rico. Haha, a Chilean, and now a puertorriqueño.

OK well it´s time for me to go but hope you all have a great week!


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