Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello You!

“How are yousss, my name is My NAME IS!!!” Everyone in the street likes to yell that at the American missionaries. Actually people stopped yelling at us in the street, now I am with a Dominican again. His name is Elder Cabral. He actually grew up in San Pedro, and went to the branch where I was just serving in San Pedro. His family moved to Constanza, which is in the northern part of the country. Now he is here. He is a great missionary and a very good teacher, but doesn´t like to listen to what anyone says, or follow the rules, so this will be an interesting one. I turn off his “reggaeton rap” music in the house, but he just turns it right back up... ahh patience. But I have noticed in just one week his behavior has changed. He tends to listen to me more if I am his friend, and not the bad guy, or leader. I think this will a great transfer though, I am excited. He is teaching me a ton about sounding more like a native. Wow he speaks so fast, and jumbled. Today I also met two elders from England, they also speak very strange, so many different cultures, its a blast.

Santo, or Joselin as they called him is doing great. He was progressing well, but ran into a problem with his work on Sundays... like ALWAYS... He went to the Stake Conference, and then on Sunday he showed up at church again! We went to his house in the afternoon and asked him what he thought about the goal we had set for his baptism on the 5th of February, and he said yes! He talked to his boss and told him straight up that he had been working for almost 9 months and that he deserved a day off. So now his boss can't work on Sundays, and we can send the sister missionaries over to his house now that he has no more excuses!

Jhoanna Ester gave a talk yesterday in church, about baptism, and that was probably why Joselin came. This whole member helping out their friends thing is working. I'm a fan.

We also have been teaching this woman, Ana. She lives next to a sister who was a missionary way back in the day. We went to church, and we kind had to fight a little to get her to pray and and ask God if she should also get baptised on the 5th. She was reluctant, but when we went back, she said she did pray. I was very surprised, because not often people said they actually asked God if they should do this, not many are humble enough. She said she prayed and felt emotional, and even cried. We have taught her so little, I was very surprised. She understood that was God answering her prayer and accepted to be baptised. God answers prayers if the people want it just a little enough to ask, and have just a little faith.

So these next to weeks we are going to work with these people to see two awesome new members of the church.

I love you all... and have a great week!

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