Monday, January 17, 2011

BUENNNNO What's new.. I´m still alive!

I told Elder Phair “hi”, and showed him the picture, he laughed. Yeah, he is the great nephew of the Stebbins.

Yup transfer calls were last night, it ended. Elder Phair had to wash his clothes, but then left at 7:00 this morning, and still hasn´t come back. We were waiting in the house until 2:00PM, but we got impatient and decided to come here to the internet center. Here in the Caribbean, the focus on the thing is pretty obsolete (non existent). Nobody has computers, and very few people pay to go to the internet center. If someone has a computer or a motorcycle, they are very well off.

Oh, so Elder Phair is moving to the neighboring Zone, and a missionary from the other neighboring Zone is coming here, Elder Cabral. He is Dominican, and I´m really excited to finally really be able to learn Spanish, or I mean Dominican again. At times I think that the people here speak normal, but then this Sunday there was a multi stake conference for all of the Caribbean, and the translators spoke so differently. Elder Oaks, President Uchtdorf, and Elder Richards from the Seventy spoke. It was stellar. They spoke about the strong points of the culture that help the gospel grow in the Caribbean, and then hammered home that certain things in the culture HAVE to change in order for people to live the Gospel. Like the trend that men leave the women after having several children to go look for another women. Or the fact that nobody gets married. They join together and split up like “bees and flowers...” (That last comment is what I say, not what they said.)

Francisco is still very loyal. He is still a little bummed about his brother, but we were excited to see him at the conference. Also Jhoanna Ester is doing great. She invited her boyfriend Joselín, who is like 33 or so, and very mature, to the conference. He really liked it. He is a great guy, but has been so busy that we haven´t been able to teach him. But Jhoanna invited him to her baptism, and tells him everything. It´s very likely that he will get baptised, and hopefully married! That's the plan. Jhoanna, her brother, and Joselín all work for Jhoanna´s dad, who is the only member of his family that has not been baptised. His sisters are all in my ward, are returned missionaries, and are VERY active. They have been hounding on their brother for over 20 years, but he keeps saying, yea yea not right now though, leave me alone. It has always been his work that came in the way, but if Joselín gets baptised, Jhoanna´s twin brother will most likely reactivate, and his dad worn´t be able to work on Sundays, and will have to go to church. I think we hit the right domino to be able to help the rest of the family. Jhoanna´s dad even told us the other day that he wants us to teach him and his wife sometime in the future..

Yup well, that's all for now my people!

Have a great week!
Elder Shaggy.. as they call me...

(The bowl of food was Amazing btw. It was a 'moro de guandule, carne de re molia y aguacate' YuM!)

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