Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello family creatures!

Wow, my stomach is pretty full. I just ate a ton of salsa and spaghetti. I´ve been making lots of salsa lately. I had totally forgotten what I had been missing. You´d laugh but my companion, Elder Phair, is actually pretty picky. BUT, I made the salsa. He had some serious doubts, but tried it and fell in love. Love at first bite I tell you. I think he even likes it more than me... which means we make 10 gallons of it, and it disappears in 15 seconds. Imagine that, someone who eats more salsa than me. We were fighting over it this week, so today we went and bought 3 tons of garlic, 5 tons of onions, 6 tons of tomatoes, and chiles and started a vegetable cutting party today. But we ran out of time, tonight we will start up again when we get home to plan and stuff.

New Years was NUTs... There were more drunk people in the street that you could shake a stick at. There were bonfires on every street corner, and rum and beer flowed down the street gutters. IT is not an exaggeration. A 3 day nonstop party. People took naps to only wake up after 20 minutes to drink off their hangovers. Can´t lie, it was pretty difficult to teach people. We usually ended up hiding in the houses of the members.

This week we have another baptism planned. Yoana Ester. She is a reference of a member that lives by the bishop. Yoana has a twin brother, and he was baptised 2 or 3 years ago, but went inactive because his dad always made him work on Sundays, and didn´t go to church. Yoana has been a member since her birth, but it´s been a constant battle with her dad, and the rest of his family (who are all members of the church). He has always tried to pull his kids away from the church, but finally Yoana moved out. She still works with her dad and he pulled her away a few weeks ago from church and we have had to postpone the baptism 3 times because of it. She had missed church 3 times in a row, and I had thought that her dad had got to her again. But we went back with a “cannon and dynamite” teaching the importance of respecting the Sabbath day and church attendance. Yoana´s friend Edward also participated with us for the fist time in that lesson.

We gave it everything we could in that lesson, and I told the stories about when I applied to Baskin Robbins and after telling the boss I couldn´t work Sundays and how she said to me, “oh good luck, I have here more that 100 applicants that can”, and how I was offered a life guarding job, and then they told me I had to go to training on several Sundays that month. I said no and had to turn down that job.
Oh, I also mentioned that the owner of Baskin Robbins called me a few weeks later and told me that I was only one of the hundreds of applicants that was given the job. Also how the boss at the life guarding job called his boss to change all of the training days to Saturdays, or other days of the week, all so I could work there.

They all were moved by the spirit, and our friend Edward that was listening to the missionaries for the first time spoke up after the lesson and said, “oh wow, I guess I need to talk to my boss then, to not work on Sundays.” We returned to his house, and he is praying and has spoken to his boss to be able to change his schedule so he can attend church on Sundays.

After church Yoana told us that she knows that Jesus Christ is her savior, and she wants to be baptised. That was heart warming to hear.

Yup That's all for this week.

Good luck with all your resolutions, and don´t give up on the dieting or exercise after the first week, and sore muscles, or the sweet tooth sets in!

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