Monday, December 27, 2010


Yay, great to hear that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and had some fun experiences. Christmas is still in the air here.. everyone is still on vacation, and drinking. But we have been able to find a few people to teach that weren´t drunk. Today we had a super mega clean session, and flooded out our house. We poured Christmas scent floor mopping liquid all over and everything smells good.

Oh I do have something new to tell you. Yesterday my companion and I had a really interesting experience. We often pass by the family of Encarnacion, and they are all very strong members in the church, except for their youngest son. And we ran into their youngest son in their home. We talked and asked him why he chose not to participate in church, even with his older brother being a missionary. He said he wasn´t in agreement with the doctrine... So we decided to try to teach him. He has had several years attending other churches, supposedly, but I don´t think he really does go to others. So anyway, we busted out the bible, and went at it. His father came into the room and it turned into a pretty heated bible bash... which I´m not a fan of. We finally had to kick his father out of the room, so they would stop fighting. But Francisco is his name, had some pretty serious doubts, but we tried our best to help him, but he still didn´t believe. I had really felt sad, because never before had I ever been able to prove anything with the scriptures. I show people what the scriptures teach, but they keep on believing all kinds of crazy ideas. But after an already very long discussion, I showed him one last thing, about baptism. That killed his doubt, and we watched as all the dominoes fell down. He said, “oh well yeah I guess that is right, prophets really do speak for God and we really do need to be baptised if we want to live with God again.” What appeared to me was years of misunderstanding and fighting in the home was all dissolved in a matter of minutes between him and his parents. They were finally in agreement and stopped fighting. The parents were very grateful, and I was very grateful to the spirit. Francisco promised that he would return to church. We now plan to return to help him understand the doctrine, and so he can teach with us and prepare to be a missionary... which is the plan. Hard work had paid off and I was very happy to be able to do my priesthood duty, and help the family find peace with their son.

That's all the fun stories for this week. Thank you everyone for writing me! I hope everyone has a great new year!


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