Monday, December 6, 2010

My Family!

OH gee, you all make me laugh!

Wow, what a week! I´ve really learned a ton. we´ve been fighting a bunch to keep these people progressing toward their baptisms. Now that we are honing in the 18th, all the true doubts are coming out, and problems. The Lord is testing our faith.

Carlos told his life story the other day. Wow, he really has gone through a lot. A LOT more than I had ever expected. The member family helped his four children go to church and they all had a great time. My companion and I went over there to give them some Book of Mormon's and their faces all lit up. They were so excited! The oldest is really smart and loves to read.

Carlos explained how his wife left him, and how all his family, parents and cousins, uncles and brothers are millionaires, and live in the United States, and have abandoned him. He broke his arm the other day, but that still doesn´t stop him from working. His house is starting to fall apart, and all the kids are always in sandals and greasy clothes, because they don´t have anything else. He went through a lot more trials, but I can´t describe it all. Despite all that he sure does have a good attitude. And wow, that man has a gift. An ability to articulate and explain everything perfectly. He pretty much sounds like a doctor when he talks. We have a tough time trying to follow him sometimes. We finally invited him to be baptised in the 18th with another family that we have, and a few other people. He said he wasn´t sure because doesn´t want to jump into this. We hope he can have the faith and courage to trust and be baptised. Please pray for him. We plan to go over to his house to do a huge priesthood service project and clean up his house and fix it up. We also want to give him tons of rice and beans from the bishop's storehouse.

Also, we´ve been teaching this kid, Addison. Funny little kid. He is kind of slow, but has changed a lot. His brothers, all are gangsters, and really are not good news. His mom really wanted him to do this, and now he is finally going to church and praying. Reading is a little tough. He is 17, but still hasn´t learned reading too well. We practice with him every time we are over.

Francisco is a really nice man. I can say “a man without guile”. He wouldn´t harm a fly or talk bad about anyone. He was a reference of a man from the temple presidency. The man, Hermano Cruz, is coming down on the 18th of December to baptise. He calls Francisco every day to ask him how it is going with the missionary lessons. He is running into financial problems like everyone here, but hopefully he can avoid falling into any traps. People take out loans to pay loans left and right.. Everyone has a debt hanging over their heads. I really have learned to fear that stuff. Loans.

Yeah, that's all for now. Oh transfers are tomorrow. I´m staying with my companion again. I´m happy. Today is my companions birthday. I did all the chores for him.

OK time to split.

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