Monday, November 29, 2010


Wow what a P-day. I ate, and slept and slept and slept! I feel great, and ready to work. We have a lot to do this week.

Things are going really well and we are teaching more people than ever. We currently have 15 people lined up to be baptised on the 18th of December, and have 15 more we are trying to prepare.

Hilda is doing well. She missed church for the first time this week, because she was up worrying about her daughter who went to a rap battle and Hilda had to go out to find her down some dark random street. Her husband, Domingo, has a few more things than we realized to changed. It´ll be a little tough because he and his family has a history with tiguraje, like they say here, gang problems. I think that is how you say it. But the Relief Society sisters went to visit her, because she wasn't there. The ward here is pretty spectacular, especially some of the members. The biggest problem is that we have some of the greatest people ever, but EVERY Sunday, magically, something happens on Sunday, and they have to go work or something. It´s really a pain.

Thanksgiving was.. haha not much. We made rice and beans, and didn´t do anything, because I´m pretty sure there isn´t turkey here. It´s too expensive. We´ll try to do something cool for Christmas. We want to make our investigators something cool to take to them on Christmasday, like brownies, but we don´t have an oven or microwave, or stove, any ideas? I can´t think of anything...

We started teaching a neighbor of this new member, Delvin, which is really strong. The neighbors name is Fredy, really nice guy. It´s been amazing as we teach him. Delvin has really opened him up so that we can teach him the doctrine. It was like textbook perfect. We taught him the message of the restoration of the Gospel, and asked him to pray to know if Joseph Smith was really a Prophet. So he did it and we came back a few days later and he was there waiting for us. He told us he had prayed and that he felt something really different, nothing that he had every felt before. He felt it was right, and that it was true. We were floored ,because nobody has experiences like that and understands the answers to their prayers. We invited him to be baptised on the 18th, and he accepted. Tonight we have a Family Home Evening with him and Delvin. Now we are going to help get him get married in less then 3 weeks so he can be baptised. Ay ay ay, there is so much to do, so many people, and we need so many miracles this Christmas.

We´ve also been teaching this man Carlos. A really nice man, single father, which is rare, with 4 kids. He is a mechanic, and super intelligent, wow. A returned missionary and his family are helping us teach him. The tough part is that he fell and hurt his arm a month ago when we first found him. He went to the doctor 2 weeks later to find out that it was broken in 2 places. The doctors couldn´t believe that he had waited so long to go with all that pain. He has really been struggling the past few years to care for his kids and work. He has many pastor friends who have invited him to their churches, but for some reason he never wanted to go and we invited him (to ours) and he went! He really needs a lot of help with his kids. One is 14, 12, 10 and 15 or something like that. If you could slip in something small in the package you are sending, for the kids that I could take over to them that would be really thoughtful. Three boys and one girl who is like 12 or 13 years old. They don´t have many clothes I think.. white shirts for church? Something small that will cheer them up this Christmas, maybe food.

Haha, oh my that makes me crack up about the lights on parade. Is Mr. Ostenson still leading the middle school band? That man is Hollister music. Legend.

OK gotta split, time to WORK! Say prayers PLEASE for these families. We need some help these next few weeks from above. Have a great week.

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