Monday, December 20, 2010

FELIZ NAviddaddddd

Hello hello familia.

Great to hear from some of you! Wow, this week we had some fun adventures. And a baptism! yay! Francisco and Alison. Both of them were baptised on the 18th, at 6pm. We had a fun time filling the font by carrying trash cans full of water from the well behind the church for 4 hours, but we got it full in time.

It was actually a really nice baptism. Francisco is a really nice man, in his 40's or so. He is very sincere, and very honest, sometimes too honest, and really has a pure heart. He met one of the councilors of the temple presidency and they talked, and then Julio Cruz invited him to go to church here in Sabana Perdida. And he came! We taught him, and President Cruz came and baptised him. It was great to meet some members that had some really great experiences. President Cruz and his wife were baptised here when the first missionaries had less then one year in this country in 1979. Sister Cruz knows missionaries so well that she could tell I was from California because of my Spanish accent! I was impressed that she could tell, when I had only spoken to her in Spanish.

Alison is the son of a strong sister in our ward. Hna (Hermana) Morena always wanted her children to accept the gospel, and one by one we are doing our best!!

Francisco and Alison were both confirmed and Francisco will already receive the priesthood next week and they are going to put him to work! Which is great.

Other than that, I can´t remember too well what has happened this week, and we haven´t had much success with any of the other people we are teaching, so now we are looking for all new people.. part of the job.

On Christmas eve we are planning to meet as a district on a semi busy street corner and sing hymns and pass out stuff and invite people to church. It should be fun, never have sang in the street before..

Yup well this is all for now, I hope I can speak to all of you on Christmas!


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