Monday, November 22, 2010

We need some miracles!!

Yesterday was a great day for sure. We have been working extra tough to bring some less actives back to church, and tons of new people too. The members have noticed, and are really excited to help.

Ever since I got here, we did our best to try to win the trust of the bishop and help him. We ask him how we and help him every time. We go on errands for him, and report back within a few days and such. We´ve really seen lots of success with couples that have split up and now are back together, and people who have years without going to church, returning. Most people here are a little more educated, and have more integrity. It´s a major blessing.

Hilda and Domingo are doing even better. They both went to church again, and brought ALL of their kids. They took up a whole bench in church. That was a beautiful sight to see. Domingo has always been nice but honestly at first we was only going along with all this, because we and his wife had nagged so much. This Sunday in priesthood meeting the teacher asked Domingo what he thought about the spirit or something like that, and Domingo responded and pretty much summed up everything that he had learned in church that day. I was amazed that he had payed so much attention. He also said, "Yeah a few weeks ago these missionaries and my wife started to bug me about all this and I wasn´t too keen on listening or changing." But he said, "At night my wife would pull out the Book of Mormon, and all of the booklets you have given us, and teach me everything that you had taught her." He said he was very grateful, and invited all of the priesthood over to his home to learn more. He even invited us to go teach his mom, who happens to live right next to the high priest group leader. He used to always hide out at his mom's house and had almost split up with Hilda, but now he is almost always with her at home. He really has made quite a change, now it´s time to work on the cigarettes, beer, and get them married! Haha, but it´s going to happen.

We have been able to find lots of people and the members have been so kind to help us out. The ward has a goal of 18 more baptisms this year, and our bishop has really been taking this seriuously. We now have a ward mission plan to help 18 people be baptised on the 18th of December, so we can meet to goal. We have 25 people that could potentially be a part of that, and so we put in a plan of action to help this become a reality. We have a LOT of work to do. I have no idea how we are going to help everyone have faith to do this, and take this step in their life, but if the ward helps I believe it´ll be possible. WOO bring on some miracles eh? More like 18 Christmas miracles. We are asking our investigators, ¿"What Christmas gift will you Give to God this Christmas"?.. I think repenting and being baptised would be sufficient.

As far as Thanksgiving... not sure. We haven´t planned anything. Last Thanksgiving, I had already made a plate of rice and beans when my zone leader came in at noon to tell me it was Thanksgiving. I had forgotten. But we´ll see.

This Cholera thing looks like it´s getting serious. I haven´t heard of any cases here, but there are flyers everywhere, and people walking around informing people to be clean. I´m sure I have nothing to be worried about.

Did I ever tell you that Dominicans point with their lips? They don´t use their fingers to point, they just stick their lips out at everything, and sadly I´ve picked up the habit. My companion was making fun of me yesterday...

Yup well gotta roll, have a great week.

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