Monday, November 15, 2010

Ay Diantre por fin suerte! Y Trabajo!

Happy Monday! Today we cleaned the house and painted it! It looks pretty nice!

Wow, so last week I told you about Hilda. Well, we haven´t given up... neither has she. We finally were able to talk to her husband, FINALLY, and he is actually a pretty nice guy. His name is Domingo and is out of work right now. He lost two of his fingers and part of his hand in a machete fight. Obviously he lost, but that was two months ago and luckily they were able to save his fingers. But anyway, we talked to him at his house, and invited him to church, and he CAME!! with Hilda and two kids. One he had to bring is in a wheelchair... that (the wheelchair) happens to say, La Iglesia De Jesucristo de Los Santos de Los Últimos Días on the back. Actually I see those wheelchairs everywhere. This week the church filled up. Almost every single one of our families went. I told them I was going to wait at the door the whole hour if I had to waiting for them to come. I did, and they came! The members really like us and are helping us out a lot.

We met this really cool guy named Felo. He teaches Salsa, and is SUPER good. He is one of the most animated people I have ever met. I really hope he will get baptised. We just found out that his wife is a inactive member, as of 5 years ago. Felo told me he started dancing in the Popping and Locking era, and knows that style. He showed me some moves, and I was very impressed. He is 49 and still got it! haha.

This was definitely a week of miracles. One of our old families that is planning to get baptised in December, FINALLY came back to church after 2 months. That really made me happy. We were teaching this guy Reinaldo, and he was at the point of being baptised, but his crazy wife came and stole his baby. She lost custody of her, because she tried to kill her a few months back. Now she wanted her baby back. Reinaldo´s wife threaten him that if he tried to get her back that she would send her family to kill him. He was a little worried as you could imagine. He went to the police, but as they are corrupt, they wanted 400 dollars if they were even going to go look for her. Nobody has money here btw .... He wasn´t eating for a while and was stressed, and finally left to the campo somewhere.

After teaching Hilda I thought I should call him (Reinaldo) and check on how he was doing. We lost contact for 3 weeks, so I was hoping to get though to see if he was ok. He answered, finally and said he was ok and that we could go visit him again! I heard a little girl making noise in the phone, and asked him who it was. He told me it was his daughter. We put set an appointment and went to see him. He was so happy to have his daughter back. She was a little scratched up, but other than that she was pretty healthy. We put a baptisimal date with him for the 27th of November.

Wow there are so many people we are teaching it´s impossible to tell all of their stories, but they are all very fascinating. Now the work has begun!, lots to do!

My compañion and I have almost fell over several times, because we laugh so much in the street.
We´ve noticed that people see us as Zoo animals. All the little kids yell at us and say, ¨SPEAK ENGLISH! Mommy make the Mormons speak English. The Mormons are so boring¨. The women all say, "Wow their eyes are so pretty!" Yeah, the women are all bad news. We avoid them at ALL costs.
Sometimes we feel like we are in a parade as we walk down the streets. I just mentioned that to my companion then they said, "Now we have the Mormons coming down the street!" "Looked how they are gringos dressed in white shirts and ties". Right after I said that, a man came walking down the street on stilts. I am NOT joking! This country is so random. I Love it.

Oh boy, time to go and help some couples get over their fear of marriage! Wow, we need to help so many people get married, this is ridiculous. I´ve really learned to rely on prayer! Trust me it works. And I RELY on it every day. With out it I would probably toast is this crazy place.

OK I got to go, but have a great week all!
I love you

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