Monday, November 8, 2010

It's a freezing 68º!

Well my shoes just dried out! And there is sun!

To say the truth, I have been really cold lately. I froze last nigh. I even put my socks on and everything. Haha and I think it got down to 68 or something. I´ve really adjusted.

Rain Rain rain.. lots of rain, and wind. We didn´t see anything from the hurricane (hurricane Tomas), just lots of rain, but no wind.

All of the people we are teaching fell through this week on us, except for one. Hilda, she is a older woman, very quiet, but has hopes of marrying her husband and being baptised... this month. We have lots of work to do. Her husband is out of work and spends all day at his mom's home and only comes home to sleep. In the morning he takes off, and comes back every night drunk. Need some prayers and miracles here. Hilda really has faith that he can change and that they can be married and baptised. She is a slow reader, but always learns more than anyone when we leave her chapters in the Book of Mormon.

We have been working with a TON of inactive members this week. They are a peso a dozen here. Every 2 in 10 contacts we do are baptized non church going members... The church is still very young in this country and need lots of help.

Today we took a fun day and played soccer and basketball and stuff as a Zone. I had the Nicaraguan on my team so we whopped the other team. Haha! My companion and I really get along well. It really is nice like I said to be with someone that is from California. We just see things the same. I´m so glad he doesn´t call soda, “Pop”!
Hopefully this week we can get people moving again and get lots of these inactive back to church. It´s funny because EVERY SINGLE ONE said they were happy in the church when they were going. It was the best part of their lives, and they don´t regret doing it. But they have a lot of pride to eat up to say that they would go back.

I compare the church to exercising. Maybe it´s not the most fun thing to do, but we all know we should do it, and maybe don´t have tons of excitement to do it, but after wards we never regret the results of being in shape, physically or spiritually.

But it is time to go, so all have a great week.

Nos checkeamos.. con amor

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