Monday, November 1, 2010

Hola Hola Hola Familia!

Wow! Great to hear from you all! Crazy Halloween is over!! Wow I was sitting in bed About 10:30 when I said, Hey comp, today was Halloween, I forgot to dress up! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, bummer I missed out. But I ain't missing the next one! I´m glad you were able to have a fun birthday too with a few friends.

So cool to hear about the Dickson's neighbors!! That's really really exciting! Hearing about a family getting baptised is probably the coolest thing ever! That's personally my dream, I still haven´t done it, because well it´s SUPER hard, but I´m hoping that some of the families that we are teaching work out. I hope the ward is just super way too nice to them and you mom and dad help out a ton! And I am very pleased to hear about the challenge by Bishop Starkweather. Good luck on your challenge, and don´t be afraid. People here would be overly excited to take a free book, so we have to wait until they take the book from us.

Well, I was transferred to Los Palmares. That is in the Far North sector of the capitol, Santo Domingo. The area is gorgeous, not as dusty and dry desert like San Pedro. It´s not as hot, thank goodness, and there are lots of hills, yeah! Strong hiking legs now.

The part of town where I´m at has a lot more culture than I have seen in the whole country. I´ve never been to Europe, but from what I´ve seen in pictures, it has that kind of feel. Small skinny streets, only big enough for 1 car to fit through, plants on the balconies, tons of people. Really cool actually, I love it. I would send a picture, but the area is a little more dangerous... so I can´t carry my camera.

And we finally have a church building! Wow what a blessing! The first time in sacrament meeting in the chapel in 1 year! It´s really nice. The members are great, willing to help, I´m pretty sure there will be lots of good stuff that will come out of this place.

My companion is Elder Phair, from Pleasant Hill, California! Yeah a Californian! I really didn´t realize how great Californians were until I went 1 year without seeing any. He is a really good missionary. Actually my old companion Elder Pimentel trained him, and now he is in his second transfer with me. He really likes to work hard, so everything is going to work out great.

Right now we are focusing on this couple, Ramona and Jonaton. Really cool couple, They are really excited about the gospel, and read and study and even go to church! They have two of the cutest little kids, one 4 and the other 5 years old. The only thing is that we need to get them married, and he isn´t working to be able to save money. He leaves every day at 4 in the morning until 7 or 8PM just to try to find work to pay the house. But we are hoping the members can help out a little with the marriage. They accepted to be baptised at the end of the month. They are really excited to go to the temple too, and we have taught them almost all about that. Pray that Jonaton can find a good job to be able support his family and get baptised on the day we put!

Tell Trent Congrats on his mission call!! That is really awesome, I´m excited for him.

Ok have a great week! and Merry Christmas! Christmas already started here. It´s crazy everyone already has their Christmas tree, and we sing Christmas songs in church. Yeah

Love you all,

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