Monday, October 18, 2010

Hello, hello Family!

Alright! Good to hear from the family!

No machete fights, hurricanes, or huge earthquakes this week. Thank goodness. So more pants kickin, but we are still workin.

The other day my companion and I stopped to watched a checkers game that these two kids were playing, and contacted them. All the kids came to the English class, and one of them even went to church for 3 hours, and says he is even excited about being baptised. He came from Haiti 2 months ago, but knows little Spanish. I feel bad for my comp because he understands so little when we teach him. But Marcilen, is his name, doesn´t understand a whole lot of Spanish, but sat through 3 hours of church and felt the spirit. Wow, there is this member Hermano Castro, he is in the high council, has been helping us out with the Haitian investigators. He is a total champ, he takes on his motorcycle to people that he wants us to teach, helps all the new people in church and is always willing to visit someone with us. So anyway, we are going right now to teach Marcilen with Castro!

The other day Castro took us to the house of a couple that he knows. We showed up and realized that we had actually contacted the couple before, but we never returned. We taught the wife as the man wasn´t back. But as we were leaving we noticed that the neighbor had recently had a bad motorcycle crash. We talked to him and he asked for a blessing so we gladly gave it to him. Castro did it in French as the man was Haitian, and even though I didn't understand much of what he said, I could tell and feel that something different was happening. The man that was hurt noticed as well and was grateful. As we were leaving Castro said he was going to return with some medicine, and gave 100 pesos to the neighbor to care for the man. I hadn´t seen many people before really love and care for someone like
that. Most would have just said, ah bummer, and keep on walking. I learned something really important that day.

Wow dad's birthday, and Mom´s birthday is coming up! CRAZY!! and so is Halloween! Too bad they don´t celebrate Halloween here. That was one of my favorite holidays.

Happy birthday all!

love you.

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