Monday, October 4, 2010

General Conference was so inspiring!

Oh Yeah don´t worry mom, I´m taking my vitamins and drinking lots of water. Thanks... Haha

Whoo hoo more Rain! It don´t seem to stop. I bought a really big unbrelly today, no more gettin wet!

Families Families Galore! Everyday we´ve been looking and praying and looking and asking and finally we found some pretty cool people. It´s amazing how the humbled ones are the ones willing to listen. Sandy and Yumi are a new couple we are teaching. Very friendly and acceptive. They have 3 daughters, 8, 4, 3. We taught them about how the Lord knows each one of them and how he answers every single one of their prayers. Little Billy, the nephew of Robert, likes to teach them with us. It was really powerful when Billy, a little kid of 11 years testified of the fact that God does answer prayers, and how he answered his. We found out that Sandy lost his only son when he was only 3 years old and has been grieving that for several years... so we are trying to help him understand that he CAN see him again if he goes to the temple. Sadly, they didn´t go the General Conference.. along with all the other families that we have. BUT that's not going to get me down, because they are really sincere people and as soon as they understand the doctrine (they) will understand the importance of the church.

We are also teaching his neighbor, they call him “Chino”, which means Chinese. But no he isn´t Chinese. Actually there is a strange number of Chinese people here, but they are ONLY found in restaurants called PICA POLLO, and they sell fried chicken 'n stuff.

This man Bernardo showed up on his own to the conference, he went out of his way to go in the RAIN, which nobody does, and went to the Stake center, which is far away. He loved the Conference too. He is really sincere and very grateful that we make him excited about his salvation. The only holdup is that he isn´t married and his wife is a Haitian.. which means it´s a tons to marry him. Last night he told me he has a ton of debt to pay off before he can pay for a marriage.... ugh Don't be in DEBT. It´s bad. But we are gong to need some prayers for him and his family so they can be baptised!

I really loved the Conference this weekend, wow. I was pondering this morning about the talk that President Monson gave on Sunday morning. Wow, a prophet of the world, with all the things going on in this world. All the problems and such, of all the things that he could have warned us against and God wanted him to talk about gratitude. That's really a big deal. He looks so content and happy, laughing and telling jokes, and he´s the prophet of the world. He is in charge of the church and plays a role in the salvation of so many... and he was happy and telling jokes. Sometimes I get worried and frustrated, thinking, ahhh these peoples salvation, how do they not understand!!??? But the Prophet really knows, a wise man is a HAPPY Optimistic man. I have a lot of respect for someone who can just be happy. Plan of Happiness.. Right?

Thanks for writing everyone, It´s great to hear from so many. Have a great week. Time for me to go work.

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