Monday, September 27, 2010

HELLLLLO! Bueno, Today is Monday!! If you didn´t know.

Well things are going pretty alright. Haha, what a new experience this is to train a new greenie. Haha yeah he´s still pretty green right now. His name is Elder Hatch btw. Today I took him to make his first pair of pants with me. Ate massive hamburgers at this Boriquan place and played dominoes. It was a good break. We´ve been coming home exhausted every day from talking to so many people and running around everywhere.

We teach English class and we found this really cool Haitian man, his name is Bernardo. Actually that's his last name, but I guess in Haiti their last name comes first, before their own name... interesting. He is a really humble little guy, has several children and a wife. He speaks perfect Spanish and very good English, so it´s been nice for my comp to be able to teach him in English. We started teaching him and invited him to be baptised with his friend, and he said flat out no. Haha, BUT he really tells us that he is looking for his salvation. The fact that we asked him really made him think about what he wants and now he is working on getting married so he can be baptised, with his family. He repairs televisions and things, very smart. This week we invited him to watch the conference in Creole!! I´m really looking forward to this weekend!

So there has been some new things going on in the mission about how we teach and such. It´s a really awesome plan as well. We really get to focus on what the real purpose of missionary work is. That is teaching the doctrine of Christ. My companion is new and so he gets all teary eyed whenever we teach this new stuff, but he will get used to having the spirit around more often. I had a super experience staying in the capitol for 2 days during the training for the new mission plan. We´ve been inviting everyone to get baptised and such. I even invited my taxi driver to be baptised on the 9th of October. They are teaching us to be more bold. I wonder what will happen to him.

I have been looking like crazy for some new families, and finally I have found a few. Now we have trouble bringing them to church... and getting them married. That seems to be a real problem here.

This has been a week full of meetings so I don´t have too many cool stories to tell ,but I hope you all have a super week!

I love you

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