Monday, September 6, 2010

Hola Mi Gente!

Yeowweee! El Sol pica! as the Dominicans say, which means, “the sun stings”! Today was a pretty nice day to be able to relax and write some letters and stuff. In the afternoon I went to a gym that a member in the ward owns. And the kid that we baptised 2 weeks ago, named Ricky, and I break danced there. My Comp worked out. Haha it was fun, and insanely hot. Wow.

This week has been pretty alright, extra normal, you know. Thanks for the advice, I will definitely put it to practice.

I don´t remember if I ever told you this in a letter but the other day I was in La Romana and I saw my friend Hector Registre. He is the really, really poor man that sells coconut in Higuey. All the coconut pictures I had were the one's I bought from him, We met him and taught him for almost 5 months, but always had problems when it came to him getting baptised, because he wasn´t married to his wife in Haiti. Well, I saw him and he was getting his interview to be baptised and I found out he finally did it! When I saw him I jumped with joy and ran to give him a big hug. He is probably 55 or something, and SUPER Haitian, has such a thick accent, it´s hilarious. But I love him. Apparently, the new church in Higuey opened up to, so he won´t have to walk an hour to church like he has been doing in the past 8 months. Wow, I remember the last time I saw him, before I left Higuey he was selling his coconuts in the street. He said, “Hey so when can I get baptised”? We felt so bad to not be able to tell him when, and that I was going to leave. The problem is that he didn´t have enough money to go to Haiti to get married with his wife. I told him, “Hector, you keep working hard, you keep going to church every week, you keep reading your scriptures, and you keep praying,” and I said, “I promise you the Lord will bless you so you will be able to get baptised, you will have enough money”.

For the several years that he was selling coconuts he would sell just enough to buy some eggs and platanos, to eat for his one meal, and buy from the vendors enough coconut to sell the next day. He lived with his cousin because he couldn´t pay for a house. He sold about 5 or 10 on a GOOD day. Some days none. I don't think he ate those days either. This man had literally nothing. A machete, wheelbarrow for coconuts and 2 shirts and 2 pants with holes in them. That was ALL.

When I talked to him in La Romana he told me he is selling 30 to 40 coconuts, if not more daily. He moved out and bought his own apartment, not just a shack. It looks like he is eating well too. I´ve never felt so sure when I´ve promised blessings, but I KNEW that the Lord loves this man and knew he would bless him for doing simple things such as sacrificing his day to sell on Sunday, to instead go to church. Sometimes we have trials but the Lord will never leave us alone if we do whats right.

We have also been teaching a new family, Fausto and Ani. Really nice people. They just moved here from the capital, Santo Domingo. They are looking for friends and stuff to help them out here. They moved to the right branch, because this is a really friendly one. We taught them a few times with our Ricky Dance friend, and they liked what we teach. We gave Fausto a Book of Mormon the other day, at four thirty in the afternoon, and when we returned to teach him at 8:00 PM he had read, and just “destroyed” the first several chapters in the book. We were just blown away that he had read so much, well just because so many people don´t know how to read here, or don´t have the interest to read a book from two Gringos. We taught a really spiritual lesson, and kneeled and prayed with the family. It was really cool. He promised that he was going to church with us the next day, Sunday. So in the morning when we passed by an hour early to say get ready he was already ready, and was waiting for his wife. We were stoked. At 9:00 we returned to get him, and saw him in grease clothes and was working on some junky motorcycle. We said, “whoa man whats up? You promised us...” This was the second week he had promised us and blown us off. He said “yeah but i can´t pay the house and I have to sell this fruit here at the market so I don´t get kicked out.” I was just bummed. I promised him, “Look you got to put the Lord first, and he will put you first, you can´t blow off him and do whatever you want and think he is going to bless you to be able to pay your house. If you come to church, you will have enough to pay for the house.” 3 hours later, he didn´t show up, I asked him, “What happened man?” He said, “Well I fixed the motorcycle and was driving to the market and the back tire popped, I had to walk several kilometers home in this killer sun, with the bag of fruit and the motorcycle with the bad tire. I couldn´t sell anything.” I told him... “So I assume you´ll go next week then, right?” he said, “Yeah I guess I learned my lesson.” Once again, the Lord helps us IF we do what's right.

We´ve been having some troubles baptising Gordo and Nestle. They are both hard to find, BUT we wont give up.

My Family I love you all and hope you have a super Week! Adios

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