Monday, September 13, 2010

Alo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ay, wow, what a kick in the pants this week was! Whoo!!

Yesterday it rained a TON! The street flooded out, but luckily the rained stopped in time so the water level went down, but it was a good 2 feet high. It didn´t reach the house, but it sure filled up the streets. I´ll send some pictures of it.

But no joke kick in the pants for real. NestlĂ© and Sove and Nicolas didn´t go to church and it looks like Nestle, the most interested one of the group, who has almost a month and a half going to church, has hardened his heart, and no longer wants to listen to us, or keep any commitments. Bummer.

The family of Fausto we were teaching, promised us like 50 times they were going to church, and for the third time in a row, when we showed up at their house, they weren´t there. They are the nicest people, but can´t manage to keep that promise. Oh integrity, I hope some missionaries in the future will be able to help them later.

But Gordo DID go to church, and is really understanding well all of the doctrine. He loves it, and it´s strange, because as we teach him, many of the teachings aren´t foreign to him at all. It´s as if he already knew it. I am praying this Saturday that he will be able to get baptised!

Oh, and last Sunday Robert blessed the sacrament. That was really cool to see. He was nervous, but it was awesome to see him in his white shirt and tie. He is totally one of the strongest members here now. Haha, now we are trying to find him a woman! That guy needs to get married. He´s 35 and still lives with his mom! He acts like he is our age though, he is really cool. He wants to find someone he tells us. He is just very, chwipi when it comes to the dating scene. Like not smooth, you know.

And Cesarin was asked to give a talk in church next week! Haha, we was nervous, but we gave him some good pointers to help him prepare. He will speak with Ricky the other youth that we baptised a while ago. Ricky loves teaching with us. We have fun walking down the street pegging the millions of chickens with rocks, they all just squawk and run off. Its very entertaining.

Well Transfers are tomorrow. They called... and I´m staying again. I was very happy to hear that. I absolutely love this area. Here the members are really great! My companion is moving out to the capital. He is excited, he was ready to go. I could really tell in his attitude toward working here this week, kind of tough, but we made it. I guess I´m going to get to train a newbie here, and I´m in charge of the District now.. yay responsibility! Haha, nah it´ll be super fun with a newbie. I have no idea who it is, but i´ll find out tomorrow. If he is American I´m going to trick him and tell him that I´m from Puerto Rico, and talk to him really fast and only in Spanish for the first few days until he figures out I'm from California, or learns Spanish really fast. I already hid every sign of English books and stuff in the house. Haha it´ll be fun. When he comes it'll turn out he´ll probably be a Dominican or something...

But that's all for this week but I love you all and have a great week!

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