Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hit by a hurricane.....NOT!!

Hello I´m ALIVE! Wow what a crazy Hurricane! Wow, we´ve been working the last two days repairing roofs and helping people. Luckily only HALF our house was destroyed, but...

We didn´t see any part of the hurricane here. Only really windy weather for a few days. Actually it was really nice because it cooled everything down. Sorry for not sending the long email last week. I was in the middle of writing it and the power went out before I could send it.

This week hasn´t been too eventful really. Today we went to the temple, that was nice. What a difference inside. That's why I´m writing today and not Monday. This is probably the noisiest country ever... wow. So it was nice to have a break from all the blasting music and cars and engines and whatever, inside the calm, quiet, peaceful temple.

We were able to baptise one kid. His name is Ricky. He is a crack up. He loves dancing, break dancing. Haha we get along really good. We didn´t teach him really, he just needed to be baptised, because they lost his information or something. Well the guy that actually baptised him didn´t have the authority. We brought his friend Gordo and the 3 Haitians to the baptism. Looks like Nestle is the only one of the 3 Haitians who really understands the restoration message, so he will probably get baptised with this kid Gordo.

Gordo is a crack up. He is friends with all of the youth, and likes going to seminary every morning at 6:00AM! Valiant KID! Well, he is 18 years old, not a kid anymore. The leaders here are really happy with what we are doing and already have plans on giving Cesarian and Robert the Melchizedek priesthood! They are just excelling. Robert is (excelling) more than anyone. He studies the Book of Mormon a bunch and already knows more than all the members. That's the miracle of studying everyday. He wants to speak English really bad. We help him a lot.

Things have been going well. I´ve been kinda having a harder time dragging my companion around. He hasn´t been a real fan of working HARD, so I´ve been trying to make everything fun for him. Haha you know making it all not seem like work. I´ve been running out of ideas and games. So this week he hasn´t wanted to do a lot... Oh all the fun things I am learning. Haha.

Wow, mom I DID get the package, thank you! You always know all the stuff I like. That Oreo pudding was really REALLY good, didn´t expect that.

This is random but I´ve decided I want to join like a group like Young Ambassadors or something when I finish the mission. That just seems like so much fun. Haha I got your genes mom. The kids all know me. They stop me everywhere I go and ask me to dance for them, it´s funny.

That's it for now folks.
Ok I love you all. Have a great week!

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