Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Que lo Waa. Maningo!

Super duper! Good to hear from you all. Things are going real good.

Haha so the Book of Mormon challenge is ON! We All started. All the 6 that were baptised and a few other members! They are all reading it pretty fast! Wow, I can hardly keep up. My comp is winning in chapter 15, but Cesarin is right behind in chapter 12 or something. We started just a few days ago. Our Branch President comes home today from New York. Haha he called his son and told him to tell us to start the English Class here. Haha I guess he didn´t understand much while he was gone. It will be great to have him back again, and his wife too.

Really, I really love this Branch here. They are really friendly people. An older Haitian lady's husband passed away a week ago. The ward helped her a lot. We also stopped by many times to help her out. She shared her testimony in Creole, and it was very sincere. The members, although most of them couldn´t understand, they could feel her love and gratitude. I was also really excited, because we had a few investigators there that didn´t speak much Spanish. One is called Nestle, yeah like the chocolate. Haha he´s a crack up. Haha, he is the most timid little guy ever. He´s like 25 or something, and is studying English, and likes to talk to us in English. Haha, his hands trembled the first time we talked to him, but he is really good at doing everything we ask. The Haitian members are great helping us out with teaching him. Really cool.

Oh yeah, our mission president invited my comp and 10 other missionaries to his house today for lunch, because of all the success we had. It was fun to go there. He´s sure got a nice house. We also saw Elder ViƱas, from the Quorum of the Seventy. Today was fun, but I got to run, Have a great week!

Oh yeah, They called. Me and my comp are here for another transfer! YAY!

Love you Family.!

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