Monday, July 26, 2010

Be Prepared!!!

Dear Family,

This was another week. Wet. The sun came out finally and my shoes stopped getting stuck in the mud. YAY!!

Wow ya I´ve been so happy to see the sun. Really sweaty again but I think I like it. Things are going well. The 6 guys are doing great. They were all confirmed. Cesarin is also doing great. Haha he is such a cool kid, always just so happy go lucky all the time. Haha, really would love to see him go on a mission. The members are so good here, he is already asking for a calling!! Wow, and he TEARS UP (talking about) the Book of Mormon.

Speaking of Book of Mormon, on Sunday I found out I had to give a talk in church right before. Had about 4 seconds of preparation, but thankfully I had finished reading the Book of Mormon the night before..So I talked about that. Wow, reading the book of Mormon in Spanish has really helped me out a lot. The grammar structure actually makes things a lot easier to understand. Good book, highly recommend it to everyone. But anyway I spoke and I felt prepared.

Oh yeah and the youngest 3 who were baptised all showed up in shirt and ties. I didn´t expect that a 10 year old and two 14 year olds would be motivated to do that.

We are trudging along looking for new people. It's going alright. There is this new sister in the ward, SUPER Haitian, doesn't speak 2 words of Spanish. She helps us teach other Haitians. She was a ward missionary there in Haiti. It´s been good practice for me, but wow, I still don´t understand much. We have about 6 Haitian people we teach and 4 of them don´t speak Spanish, so I guess I got to study harder, AHH. Many things to learn.

Tell the truth I´ve never learned so much in my life wow.

Happy Father's Day DAD! Yesterday was Father's Day here. They don´t go all out like Mother's Day here though. But I love you all and have a great week!

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