Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Super-dee-duper “Hump” Week!


Woo I have 3 minutes! Sorry!

Wow it´s going great here. We are working extra hard. I´m pushing my comp a lot and we are sweating more and more walking and talking to everyone. We put a baptismal date with 4 Haitians! They are coming to church and all. I even taught one of the hardest doctrines in Creole. Vicarious baptisms. I´m still don´t know much (they understood) but the spirit and the scriptures teach.

Cesarin and Robert are doing really good. I really have no doubt that they are going to stay in the church for a really long time... hopefully forever. They got the priesthood too along with 2 others!!
Ok got to go love you all!!

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