Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello family!!! Good to hear from you!!

Wow, sounds like all kinds of fun things are going ON!! Here are some pictures.

We went to this country home where my branch president works. We played with lions, toucans, flamingos, monkeys, parrots and emus and peacocks and deer and elk and lots more!

My branch president built the house for this rich guy and he has all the cool animals. Wow, things are going great, we are working hard and sweating... it's hot.

The branch here is really getting things in gear. Wow, they are teaching “Preach My Gospel” to the members and they are really taking it seriously. Anytime we ask any member to leave with us they are really so willing. These members are really awesome.

I feel as if I am in my home ward. They are so friendly. Especially to people like the Haitians. Usually Dominicans and Haitians don't get along, but it's really cool how it´s not evident here in this branch. I´m taking Robbie's advice and putting them all to work. He has good advice!

We are still teaching 3 Haitians. We can hardly communicate, but it really shows how the Spirit talks, (not us). We are not the teachers (The Spirit teaches). One of them stood up to share his testimony of the gospel. One of the members said even though he doesn´t speak Spanish, it was as if he did.
Really cool. They will be baptised next Saturday. (NESTLE, NICOLA, and SOVE.) Please pray for them so that it can all go well in preparation. Nestle is just the most humble little guy, and this week he's been coming out of his shell ALOT. Hehe. and we think that he is kinda interested in the Haitian girl that helps us teach when we get stuck. BUT, that's not the reason why we wants to get baptised. He really has a testimony and asks some great questions.. Sometimes I feel bad for my companion because, he is still struggling with his Spanish. I try to help as much as I can. We are really learning some cool stuff.
I love teaching with the Book of Mormon. I´m really getting to know that book left and right. It has some real power to help people understand doctrine, and come unto Christ and change. For real, I´ve seen it. 5 of the 6 guys received the priesthood. The youngest is too young (not 12 yet). They are all just doing so well. We think Robert, the oldest, is going to be a branch president someday. He is really a good guy, funny, and he speaks really good English!
Wow. I don't have much time.. pictures.. you know.. but I love you all! Have a great weeek!!
P.S. This is that house that my branch pres built for this rich guy.. I want to take the family there! And me playing with some flamingos! It´s 30 min out of San Pedro. Supposedly he is going to get some crocodiles this coming week... COOL!!!

It is huge and has an indoor water fountain... and that's the only all wood house in the DR.

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