Monday, July 12, 2010

The power of Prayer!

Alaska? Is that in east or the west of New York? Haha, that's what people would ask if I'd tell them about Alaska. How's the TRIP!?

Thanks for writing me before! Wow and thanks for the packages, holy Cow they were HUGE! That was a joke trying to get home with me holding 3 enormous packages (my friend Marina sent me a package too!) and my companion with another package and lots of Book of Mormons, and other books and stacks of letters and our backpacks... oh did I mention we were on a motorcycle? That was quite a sight to see I imagine.

Wow what a week! We've been working hard to help these people actually go through with their baptisms and not back out. Javier hasn't seemed too excited these days.. it looks like we'll have to give him some more time, but those 3 little dudes are really super excited about this. I am really impressed with them, they have really been good about going to all 3 hours of church, and paying attention, and reading the assignments and everything. We don't have the permission from Adonis, the oldest one's, grandma. We went over with the Branch President last night to talk to their parents, but we couldn't get to Adonis' guardians. They were all drinking and stuff and we heard them shout through the fence. "Tell the Mormons to go away, we're drunk!" Hahaha Yeah.. we'll need some help with that, Pray for that kid's grandma so she will give us permission to baptise him! HE want's to be baptised so bad, but is stressing out about what she'll say.

Juaniko seems well prepared and such, I'm really happy about that. We go to teach him and he just seems to understand the things so well. He's practically a member and really doesn't need us that much. I always think of the Words of Elder Bednar when he taught us here a few months ago. He said, "When they say I love you, but I don't need you anymore, that's when you know you've completed your work", He is a really funny guy. Apparently he was a HUGE weight lifter and people told him to stop working out because he was TOO Muscly... Haha.

Wow, so did I tell you me and my comp had to play Dr. Phil this week? Ugh, Cesarin and his mom have been fighting BAD this week. That kid is such a good kid, but his mom has been treating him.. uh with not so much love. She stopped giving him food and takes his money he earns working to go gamble and all kinds of fun stuff. Wow, and yes I do thank God every day for the AMAZING parents that I have. So we have been over at the house a lot this past week trying to convince his mom not to call the cops and take him to Youth Jail.. the police even came.. but luckily they didn't find him. Yeah, so.. we've been trying to help that situation out.. When we showed up yesterday morning I guess he and his mom were fighting again.. with all the neighbors around all arguing whether she should kick him out of the house or not. He told us he thought he saw two angels coming to his rescue when we showed up. We sat and talked with them for a long time.. wow I felt like I was Dr. Phil. But well, we just can't have our friend who is supposed to get baptised on Saturday be thrown in jail the same week. He is the really cool kid that wants to be a missionary, this kid is AMAZING, the members all love him and he is so smart as to things of the Gospel.

A few days before the whole incident he asked us to give him a blessing, because he has lots of back problems... it turns out scoliosis. We gave him the blessing and I couldn't help but feel inspired that he was going to be a missionary, and that the Lord required his health so that he could serve. Juaniko, Javier and Miguel were all there. The environment of the room was dramaticly different after we gave him a blessing. They had sensed that something special had just happened. They all sat there for some time, without saying anything. It was obvious that it was the spirit. The priesthood is real. It's not just some made up thing that the founder of the Mormon church decided to do. It IS the power of God to do the things here on the earth that he would do if he were here. It talks about it in the scriptures everywhere, and all the prophets do too. I have learned for myself that it is real, and blesses the lives of all those that surround.

Tell Mom thank you for being so kind and sending me the packages! All of the stuff in it was Perfect! I hope you have a great Time on your Cruise! WOO!


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