Monday, July 5, 2010

Mosquitoes and rocks won't stop us!!

Haha, that's a crack up!
That gang (Kim & family) is such a blast! I bet they are having a super fun time there (Hawaii).

AYYYYYY wow it´s HOT!! Wow, lots and lots of sweating, wow. The other night it got down to 89.. We´ve been soaking up this Caribbean sun wow! The mosquitoes are getting quite... numerous, it looks like there´s another plague!

The other day we took some little kids to a baptism to see if they still wanted to be baptised. They are funny little innocent Dominican kids, that have had tons of interest in going to church. One has almost 1 year going... we don´t even know why, he just started going. So we taught him, and he brought all his friends. They are 10 and 12, Jael, Adonis and Chillin. Well I don´t know if Chilllin is his real name but that is what they call him.

My companion has been having a hard time being sick with a back cold and fever and stuff. Also the other day some people threw some rocks at us, pretty big rocks, not sure why. Luckily none hit me, but they got my companion in the head. He bled a lot, and they ran off. The neighbor saw him coming home and the blood running down his face and went and got some “alcohol” to clean it. Haha San Pedro Bay Rum is what he used and cleaned it real good. Thankfully, also it wasn´t big enough to get stitches.

But all that stuff didn´t stop us from working. We have been working hard with those we have. Juaniko's mom seems to not understand who God is... OR her perception of him is strange. So we´ve been trying to help her with that. We have been teaching this guy who is 19, Luis, really friendly kid. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, or his purpose in life. Where he comes from and why he is really here. And where he is going after death. He seemed to really understand. I could tell he had questions, so I asked him what he thought about what we taught. He said, “Well, then this means that there are so many people that just don´t get why they are here.” and he said, “Well I believe it is true. I don´t know what it is... but something tells me it´s the truth. If this book is true, than that means that this is really why I´m here.” he looked dumbfounded. Then he asked, “so how can I know?” We told him he had to pray, and ask God, just like the boy Joseph Smith did. It was a really cool experience, and later that night writing in my journal I realized, wow I just help someone really understand their PURPOSE in life. Why he is here, and what he needed to do to return to his FATHER in heaven. He really understood. Wow, what a responsibility we have to teach people.

Thank you for everything and I hope you all have a good week!

I love you family,

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