Monday, July 19, 2010

Hooray! Everyone's wet!!

It is WETTTT!! WE just rode through knee deep water on a Motorcycle with 3 people!! That was a first! Wow, this place is totally flooded out! I´m soaking wet right now because a car passed us on the motorcycle, and send a 2 foot wave at us. It was pretty intense.

Wow, what a week! Talk about heart attack. But they did it!
Cesarin, Juaniko, Adonis, Luis, Chillín and Chael were all baptised Saturday night. Wow, they are all doing great, and are really happy. We had more problems with Adonis´s grandma but your prayers helped! Thanks! Wow, we took the branch president over when his grandma wasn´t drunk, and he talked about how he left smoking 60 cigarettes a week, always being drunk, and gambling and cheating on his woman, for the gospel. The Lord has blessed him ever since, and now he has 4 children in college. He is on a one month vacation in the United states and a huge house, and cars. Along with a spiritual peace that he has never had. He helped tons. Also, we started teaching Cesarin´s mom, she is happy again, and Cesarin is as happy as ever. Thankfully we were able to see them resolve their problems! Also Chillíns parents are very interested too!! They are so nice. His dad is a cop, and his older and younger brother like to come with us to church stuff.

Wow, although the (baptismal) water was very VERY low, I was still able to get them under, and thankfully we found the white baptismal clothes last minute so we didn´t have to baptise them in their street clothes. They were all so ready. Those guys are so cool. They offered and said, “yeah we´ll go in like this, doesn´t matter to me!!”
I´ve never had to learn so much patience in my life, and had such a trial, no joke. Wow, I won´t go into all the details but I´ll just say we went through a LOT to help these people be baptised. But, All the pain and trouble was worth it every bit. Amazing to see how much joy the gospel has brought in their lives. They are all super important to us, and I hope to never lose contact with them after I leave.

So anyway hope you all have a great week and don´t get wet like me!

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