Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 20th birthday to Elder Shattuck!!

Thank you so much family for all the funny pictures and stuff, that was a blast. You all make me laugh. I DID have a good birthday. We spent it buying some food, playing dominoes with other missionaries, and then we went and got some REALLY good hamburgers at this puertorriqueño place again. It was really good.

We also had a pretty good week teaching especially the group of Jauniko, Cesar, Javier and Sota. And Javier went to church, for the first time!! After 2 years of the missionaries teaching him, he finally went, and liked it too! haha (besides the fact that he was starving during the 3 hours.) We are also teaching this group of 5 kids. One of which a missionary previously had taught in Higuey. He was a good missionary and planted a really good seed. The church is starting to fill up. Now instead of people commenting on how few people there are, they comment on how difficult it is to move around with so many people. Haha, that really makes me smile to see lots of people coming.

Cesar,one of the group of four is SOO excited about everything we teach him. He is always smiling from ear to ear, and loves the Book of Mormon. He made a bet with one of his neighbors that he is going to last longer in the Gospel (he says)... Haha ,the members are really quite friendly and help so much here. They take in whomever and make them feel at home. It really makes me feel good to see that they are doing that. We are going to have another family home evening again in the house of one of the members. They are a total riot, and we do it with almost 20 or so people. That's where I´m off to now so I don't have much time.

But thanks again for all the birthday saludos and I love you all!

BTW mom, I haven´t gotten the package yet, but the office should bring them on Thursday.

Thanks again,
P.S. Hahaha, I love the balloon stuck to the side of dad´s head. It´s pretty funny. I also love that fact that Joey is in the picture... that goofy dog. Haha.

P.P.S. (commenting on Ryan's photo) hahahahaha! Oh this one is great! totally made my day!

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