Monday, June 21, 2010


Haha no I didn´t lose my camera, it just doesn´t load the photos in the internet center computers is all. I took some funny pictures today of some Dominican Kids Running with this makeshift cart they made through a huge puddle. They were having a blast spraying through (the puddles) with that thing. It´s been RAINY today. I´m completely soaked, and all the streets are flooded out. Today we went to the supermarket with some missionaries and when we went home we took a motorcycle. That's how we get around here, on the back of motorcycles, they´re called moto conchos. We had fun riding all three of us with my comp and the driver through foot deep puddles on the way home. Our area is really muddy too. It´s fun rolling through the mud and ankle deep water in the streets.

Things have really been turning around lately. Wow, we are teaching many families and lots of really cool people. But the coolest ones, (I love all my children btw..haha) are called Juaniko, who is 32, but he looks and acts like 22ish. His mom, Sota, who he lives with his friend Cesar, who lives right next door to a member, and Javier... who has almost 2 years talking with the missionaries, but never had interest to take the next step.. or discussion as we say. Javier is a really cool guy. Last night we had a great appointment with those 4. We talked to them and explained what the apostasy is again. They asked LOADS of really good questions. So anyway, Cesar asked us, “Why is it called the Book of Mormon and it doesn´t say BIBLE...” I was like “oh haha let me explain that...”. Haha the kid reads the book and loves it, but because he was working, he wasn´t there when we explained what the book is to them. So I asked them, “well the Bible consists of two major sections, the old and new testaments. What is the old Testament of ?” Cesar said, “Jehovah” I said, “exactly... and the new Testament?” He said, “Jesus”. “And the book of Mormon is...?” haha and he shouted, “OH THE BOOK OF MORMON IS ANOTHER TESTAMENT OF JESUS!!!” We all laughed and the power (electricity) was out at the appointment, but I put the flashlight on the cover of the book. He was like, “OH I get it.” Wow! Haha, it was funny, but then all of it started to make sense for them all that we had taught. So I asked them, “so what do you think about it all... all that we´ve taught you about the Son of God visiting the American continent, and that a young man translated that record and all...?” One by one they all began to explain.... “Well everyone had always you Mormons were from the CIA, but then we learned that you teach religion and stuff. I never really knew that until we started to study with you. I was reading the book or Mormon, when a guy in my class was saying that Mormons are all crazy and they believe in the devil. I had no idea about you guys and what you do.” Said Juaniko.
Javier Said. “Wow I had almost 2 years with the missionaries, them passing by for my sister (As she´s a member) And we always talked. I´ve always been interested in people from other cultures like Haitians and stuff. But I´ve never believed in anything they taught me, nor was I interested, but for some reason I dunno, I just....” he didn´t want to finish his thought, but we knew exactly what he meant. He asked lots of very intelligent questions. And for the first time ever, read the Book of Mormon (3rd Nephi chapter 11). I would love to see him get baptised. But Cesar, who went to church with Juaniko Sunday said.. “Oh yeah, I really believe this is true, that Joseph Smith by the power of God translated the book Mormon and restored the first Church.” Wow, it was awesome. We went home to put some plans for them to all be baptised after they go to church for a few times. I have NEVER felt so happy to teach someone so accepting and friendly. Very awesome people.

Today I bought a box of Lucky Charms (cereal) they were selling for 60 pesos at the supermarket. My comp and I sat outside eating Lucky Charms while watching the rain pour down. We sat under the covered patio of course. We´ve been eating also a lot of fried platanos. They sell them way cheap off these huge trucks that drive around selling them with a guy on the back shouting in a megaphone.. “PLATANO PLATANO DO PESO DO PESO PLATANO...” Do peso.. means two pesos btw...

Also the Mosquitoes have been eating us lately. Wow, with all the rain there are LOTS! But we try to put on lots of bug repellent.. They seem to like that stuff though.

But anyway that's all for now. Oh and I´ll be staying another 6 week transfer. They called today with the same comp, so we were pretty happy about that.
Anyway, I love you all and have a great week!

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