Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello hello!

Not much more to say this week... Other than we've been EATING LOTS OF MANGOES!! So good. Mango season! The missionary work looks more.. uhh I forgot the word, better? We´ve been working with new families. I Love teaching families, but had never had the chance before!

I was blown away with this one family that we have been teaching for some time now. One by one the whole family has been accepting the gospel message.. And they really wanted nothing to do with us at first. We started teaching this guy Miguel who is 17. He is super smart, but is not in his home a lot. We started talking to his mom and we just shared the blessings of attending the church on Sunday, and well, invited her many times, and finally she agreed. And CAME.. and Miguel came later. Yesterday we talked to her husband. He seemed interested enough to invite us back. Yay a FAMILY!! I´ll let you know how it goes. I´ve always wanted to teach a family, seeing that's what the Gospel is all about! Ok That's all for this week. Good to hear from you all.
P.S. Oh yeah the Mom´s name is Cookie. I laughed. She is a funny lady. Her and her husband are very Dominican, it´s great.

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