Monday, May 24, 2010

Hello Wello Hello Familia!

Weeellll, everything is going good here. Not too much different. today was a fun p-day, we spent it playing dominoes with all the other missionaries in the Zone, and then we went to a Mexican restaurant, haha, wasn´t the same at all. You all better be lovin' up Kristina's and Super T for me.

We tried our best to baptize Julio Cesar, but he had some personal problems, so we are going to help him out this week, we´ll try. We also found this man, Samuel that the missionaries were teaching earlier. He is a good man and completely ready for his baptism, but he´s just scared, like all of them. Hopefully he will be able to overcome his fear. He is 56 years old and has had a hard life, very hard. He started working when he was 6 shining shoes in the street. He has a little store that sells knik knacks, but he makes hardly anything, All he wants is his salvation he tells us, very humble man. The other day he shined our shoes for us. He didn´t accept the money we tried to pay him so we just slipped it on the counter when he wasn´t looking.

If there is one thing that I have ever learned is that these Dominican people are VERY giving. It´s a tradition here if you walk into a room of a friend or anyone, (and there is food in the room), the person who own´s the food has to say, ¨A buen tiempo¨. The person that comes can either take the food or say, ¨Buen provecho¨ which means more or less ¨good eats!¨ We never want to take anyone's food, but people are ALWAYS giving us something. It´s very funny, even when I try to make up an excuse and say I´m deathly allergic they still give us food.

I also helped my companion give his first talk in church this week too. He did pretty good. It´s been very different as I´ve always been the confused one, and now I´m helping my companion out. He is a real humble guy and easy to get along with, of which I am thankful.

I cannot believe Scott comes home soo soon! That's so crazy. If you do go out to see him, tell him I say hello!

OK, well that's all the fun adventures I have to share for this week, but I hope all is well with you!

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