Monday, May 31, 2010

Wheypah familia!

Bueno what a week! Wow, sure isn´t easy here working our faces off. We had a straight week of utter shut down, not fun, BUT today was sure fun. We enjoyed our day off by going to this nice indoor basketball court and playing basket ball, and goofing off, eating huge hamburgers at this puertorriqueño restaurant, and then crawling around in this old abandoned Masonic temple. Wow, that was cool, we saw it walking over to the restaurant with our Zone leaders and I said he lets check it out when we get back. So we went over and were admiring all the strange symbols and words on it when a man came up to us and tried to sell the property to us in English. I finally asked him, “hey can we go inside and look at it?” he said yeah sure, and if anything happens just say I let you in. So we went it. It was pretty creepy, and interesting, that Masonic stuff is very strange. My companion took pictures and I begged him to send me some pictures, cuz his camera works, so yay pictures this week! Finally.

We´ve been working lots with some references of the members. There are some members here that are really stellar people, and really know how to help the missionaries. We are still working with Julio Cesar. He is a good guy, and little by little he is progressing. He has lots of time, but we finally taught him about temples. He loves the idea of temples and hopes to enter some day. That would be really awesome to see one of the people I teach enter the temple. But other than that we don´t have much more progress. We'll see if things get better this week though. The city I´m in is quite big, but we have the smaller section of it. Everyone knows everyone here, you know. People like to.. talk and play baseball. Not a whole lot more than that. Everyone is very social. Oh haha and ride bikes and do wheelies. The new trend with all the kids here is take off the front tire and do wheelies all day through town, on the new paved roads.

Well it´s good to hear about all the fun things going on there back home, with all my old friends and such, there are so many people I know that are going on missions. It must be a good thing to do!! haha. Wow.

Oh well I hope all goes well this week. Love you.

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