Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun in Las Colinas!

Well I´m here in LAS COLINAS, in San Pedro, and well.. I absolutely LOVE it here. Wow, it's like a pueblo.. I have no idea how to say that in English, but you get it. It´s a branch of 50 or so people and everyone is SO friendly. I really am just having so much fun getting to know everyone. I really like getting to know new people, talk with strangers that I never have met before is exciting! Haha it´s a good thing I do, cuz well that's what missionaries DO! We didn´t have many people we were teaching when I got here, but our numbers are growing, because everyone is just so willing to sit and talk. I Love it! Very different than Higuey. So they also paved the first road here about a week ago. All the kids pulled out their bikes and spend all day doing wheelies on it 24/7. We have planned this Saturday a baptism for Julio Caesar. He is a humble man, in his 30´s or 40´s and he has come to church many times. He was hit by a motorcycle or something and it messed up his foot pretty bad, but he still hikes up the hill to go to the church on Sunday. I don´t know him too well, but the members are all so friendly they all act like every visitor is their best friend and sit by them and show them how to sing the hymns and everything. (haha I hope you do that too!)

Oh yeah it´s like south west, closer to the capitol.

Oh yeah my comp. Elder Rich. He´s from Ogden Utah. Very friendly guy, and humble, we get along well. He´s pretty new, 3 months, but I´ll help him out all that I can with his Spanish and stuff. He loves telling me awesome stories about his life and family. they are a blast to hear.

Oh yeah that's all for this week ,but I´ll keep you updated in the future to let you know how everything goes here! Good to hear from you and I love you!


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