Monday, May 10, 2010

Goodbye Higuey, Hello San Pedro - Las Colinas

Well it was sure good to hear from you mom and dad! Sounds like things are going well there at home!

Well we got the call last night and.. I´m leaving Higuey! Ahh! Yeah I was pretty sad to go, but I will be excited to serve in a new area. I´m going to San Pedro, Las Colinas. It´s a branch out there, and I´ll have a new Companion, Elder Rich, he has a little less time than I have, and American I think. I will miss Higuey, as difficult as this city has been and as many trials and stuff it´s brought, I´ve really learned to love it. Like I have been saying, I also have made so many friends and such, it will be hard to leave them all.

Today I spent the morning cleaning and packing, and then we went to see the break dance friends I invited to church the other day. Today was our P Day, so I spent it learning how to break dance, Vladamir, the Haitian was teaching me. He sure does know a lot. Tonight we are going to visit him and teach him about the Book of Mormon. Like I said, he came from Haiti 2 months ago and is learning Spanish still, but he speaks good English, so that's how we communicate. He said that in his 2 months of living here nobody has ever gone over to visit him. He´s my age, 19, and has a heart of gold, he said he loved the church and left just smiling from ear to ear. He said he came here because both his parents died in the earthquake, and now he is living with his brother. He wants us to teach his brother, who is a painter. I really am bummed I wont be here to see all that, but my companion will still be here.

We´ve been having lots of tough days walking LOTS, but Sunday finally turned around when we counted 14 visitors in church. These people have lots of faith to come, and between the work of us 4 missionaries, we counted 23 visitors in church. It was fun to participate in the Creole Sunday School class that one of the members is teaching. It´s only a matter of time here until they open up a branch here for the Haitian members. Haha Oseito the man we baptised can be the branch president! haha, he is such a good guy. I´m gonna miss him.

Well that is all for this week. I will keep you updated to let you know what happens in the new area. I hope you have a great week. I love you.

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