Monday, April 26, 2010

Wheeepaaaah Familia!

Wow what a week. We just got back from Punta Cana today. Wow that place is gorgeous. We went with the zone out there and ate some killer food, and saw some sweet stuff there. Sure was a nice P day.

Wow I just can't believe Chris Russell got his mission call to Russia. That's so crazy. And I had no idea that Ryan Whiteside was going to Peru too! How exciting! I've met several Peruvians here on the mission and they are funny people. Always short too. Haha, anyone from central America is always smaller, but not here. Dominicans are either tall and skinny, or just insanely muscly, hardly ever in the middle.

That is so exciting to hear about Trevor! Wow, how cool. Tell the family I say hello! It seems so crazy how many people I know that are leaving or preparing for missions. Good stuff.

Oh so as far as the shoes, they completely split in half... but do I really have to mail them home? That costs a fortune on my end. I ended up buying new shoes, and I've been enjoying the new shoe blisters this week! Yay!

So the success hasn't increased a whole lot. We are working every day trying to find new people. BUT last night we had a cool experience. We had an intercambio.. uhh interchange? of companions yesterday. We are teaching this couple in the home of one of the members, they are a strong family, but it turns out that the girlfriend of one of the sons got kicked out of her house, and is living in their home. And she has lots of desire to be baptised, the only thing is... we can't baptise her until she gets married first... and she is 17.... and we need her parents permission so that they can get married. Seeing that they kicked her out of the house, they are not too happy with her. But we've been teaching here anyway, because she is going to church and has lots of desire! So we've been praying for a miracle, and we got one. The parents of her name is Paola, softened their hearts and said that they can get married! But now the whole family says they don't want to rush it, and they want to get married in January.... that was a week ago. So my companion and I went over and explained to them the situation. We told them, Paola and her boyfriend, Nelson, who is a member, that they needed to pray and ask God what they should be doing, because they couldn't be living together, an not be married. We explained that they needed to ask sincerely, and that the spirit, would give them an answer, but that it wouldn't tell them to keep living together without being married. Well, anyway we have been trying to follow up with them since to see how they felt, and... they kept letting us down as Nelson was always working. But finally last Sunday we were able to teach them, in the Intercambio. I was explaining to Elder Hopkin the whole situation, and ask him what should we do.. we didn't know, because they didn't seem too keen on separating, nor getting married. But we felt that we just needed to teach them the Plan of Salvation and follow the spirit, so we did. There was a very strong spirit in that lesson, more than ever. We could tell it in their eyes the importance of keeping the commandments of God so they can live in his presence again after this life. We saw in the Father's eyes as he had tears forming, as we explained only simply the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, but yet how it was the spirit that worked in all of them, not what we said. The whole lesson I was thinking, ok when to I ask them about their prayer about separating or getting married? I wanted to ask them in the right moment, I wasn't sure and worried, but as we began to teach that I just didn't need to worry and that I'd just know. Well, we taught the whole lesson, and the expected moment that I thought I'd know when to ask them never came. I was a little confused, but I just felt something that said to me, say the closing prayer, don't worry. So we didn't. After the prayer it was silent, and then Nelson, who said the prayer, looked up at me and said, "So... what else do we need to do to get married?" I was very shocked, but they agreed it was the best thing to do. We made the plans, and we hope to marry them by next week, and Paola's baptism soon after! Major miracle, and I could tell that was the help of God, because that was not what they wanted to do, but in the end felt was right. I could tell they had prayed to know. They say nobody can know the truths of the gospel without prayer. We all have to ask, either convert or raised in the church, if it's all true. They put it too the test and wow what a miracle.

Yup, oh also this week I got to see this Meringue group play in the park, that was a blast. Haha at night, when the colmado next door is blasting music and we can hear it in the house, my companion teaches us all how to dance meringue and bachata. Its a crack up.

Ok I love you all and hope you have a nice week!

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