Monday, April 19, 2010


Wow that is SOO exciting to hear about Sean's parents!! Wow, that is so awesome! And mom you are already her visiting teacher!! WOW that's what I´m talking about! That is a ward that Works!!
We´ve still been waiting for the ward to assign home teachers after our investigadores were baptised five months ago! Wow, I hope you help them feel super welcome to the ward. This new assignment you have mom is Super important! I´m so excited for Sean! I remember when his parents told him that he couldn´t be baptised intil he was 18! Wow cool.

Super, well, yeah, we are here in Higuey, and having fun. My companion is a blast, haha he is way funny, he loves to paint and draw, and he is really good at it too. He´s from Santiago, and his younger brother is in the west mission here. I´ve been having fun teaching him English this past week. Especially words like DUDE and SWEET! haha.

We´ve been eating mostly spaghetti everyday, Italian style that is. The Dominicans have their own style of spaghetti but I´m not a huge fan of it. It's like with condensed milk and onions and peppers and stuff. I´ve been getting pretty creative making different types of rice and stuff. Pretty good stuff.

It's pouring rain right now. When it rains here, It RAINS!! Wow, I learned something neat yesterday. We had passed by many people and invited many to church, and they all said they would go if it wasn´t raining, so I prayed real hard for no rain so this couple we had taught, Warkilia and Jose, could go to church. Woke up Sunday morning, blue skies, all the day. Warkilia and Jose didn´t go to church, because she got sick. We had tons of people there anyways and it was a great reunion! Haha, funny how things work out like that.

Oseito is super awesome, we still love teaching him. He invited us to his friend Junior, he is WAY interested in our message and went to the church and showed up early. He says he wants to be a member, but he´s not married to his woman here, and he´s Haitian. Foreigners are Super expensive to marry here... That seems to be the case with all the Haitians here, but they are all so friendly.

So the area here is funny. All the houses are smashed together, and there are salons every 2 houses, and barbershops every 3 houses. There are little boys that walk around everywhere with their shoe shine kits, trying to shine shoes, and there are tons of Haitians that work all day pushing around coconut, bananas, mangos, and things called chinas, (it´s like an orange) in wheelbarrels selling them. That's what our friend Hector does. Oh yeah, and every person, meaning every single person here rides a motorcycle. The Suzuki AX100 to be exact. I have seen more that a million of those motorcycles. Haha!

ok that's all I have to say for this week. Good to hear from you all and have another great week!

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