Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Thanks for the advice Roberto!

Hey Family! This week I don't have a lot of time, because we went to the temple today and stuff, but anyways yay, great to hear from you all. We had a great Easter here. I spent it in La Romana watching the conference. And it was awesome! I even got to see the last session in English.

Wow, so talking about walking lots of miles, I´m already starting to wear out my second pair of shoes! But its all worth it. So Rob, I took your advice, and wow, what a difference! I´ve never thought about that fact before. We had just been teaching so many curious people, and not anyone that was sincerely interested. Two Sundays ago the other missionaries here in Higuey did a contact of a Haitian man named Oseito. And he came to church. It turns out he lives in our area. We could tell he was very interested, and so we taught him everyday that week, and put a baptismal date for the 17th of this month! His progress is going well, so we we are super excited. Well, it turned out that he wanted to go to the conference with us in La Romana, and well I asked him if he wanted to be baptised on Sunday in between the 2 sessions with two other cool Haitian guys. He said sure! He was very nervous, but willing and we baptised him! And he was so happy after. Haha, it was a really great experience. He´s 31 years old and super humble. He has a stutter when he talks, but is very sincere about everything. We had a blast all together at the conference and cracking jokes on the bus ride home. On Monday night we went to go teach him again, and as we were leaving he stopped us and said, ¨Hey, thank you for helping me be baptised¨ (with his Oseito stutter). It was probably the nicest thing I had ever heard. Wow I felt like crying. We are SO lucky to have been guided to such a good humble man. He lives here with his 2 slightly crazy brothers, but he´s really nice. I had been praying so hard for guidance, and to know what to do to help someone be baptised. Well, when the opportunity came, the spirit helped and I knew exactly what to do, and wow what a blessing! Thank you for all your great advice! Got to run, but have a great week. I will mail home the pictures when I can. Oh and thank you so MUCH for the package! I did get it! It was great and the books are exactly what I need.


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